Atlantic garfish in the waters of the Black sea

The economic crisis of the early 1990s. simple factories had a positive impact on improving the environment of the Black sea is the habitat of many fish species which have become rare even in the 1970s. If the earlier garfish catches have met quite rarely. And today garfish . previously found pretty rarely, became one of the most popular objects of Amateur fishing on the black sea coast.

Atlantic garfish in the waters of the Black sea usually grows up to 70 cm and reaches a weight of 300-400 g. This gregarious predator, which constitute the main food various small fish, mainly ferina – fish similar to the anchovy (scientifically – silversides). The shape of the body resembles something of a cross between a fish and eel needle: long, flexible body covered with small silvery scales. A characteristic feature are very outstretched jaw and beak studded with small teeth, making it similar to a swordfish or Marlin.And although he concedes the size of the legendary corsairs of the southern seas, aggressiveness and restlessness in pursuit of prey can safely compete. Fishing for garfish on the black sea coast starts around July and continues until the frosts in November / December. If the summer of garfish are caught only sporadically and, as a rule, medium-sized, in the fall of a dozen toothy predators are a normal catch. It was at this time organized taiarana start the season on Perino that strays in ima. This small, 7-10 cm fish is the best bait for “black pike”, often referred to as the garfish, so it is with catching Fe-Rina begins the hunt for garfish. Perino caught using lift, light float rod (bait – a piece of mussels, shrimp) and a mini-tyrant (two to five hooks № 2,5-3 national classification, are equipped with white wool with shiny thread). The presence Perini in the area of fishing is one of the prerequisites of successful fishing.

Flocks ferini easily find themselves the outbursts and fuss at the water surface, the fish like to hang near piles, piers, piers. Periodically you can see how suddenly in the pack there is a stir, the fishes rushed in all directions, and flash in the water a greenish shade. There’s round – the garfish came up! Often anglers lure Perino, throwing into the water pounded mussels, pieces of fish and other animal feed. Sometimes the fish stock in advance and freeze it at home. But as you know, everything is fresh always better than frozen. When choosing a place of fishing for garfish, it is important to pay attention to one important thing. If you have ever fished off the pier, we often could see that the beach is separated from the open sea by a breakwater, which is hidden under the water surface, but not so much that it was impossible to ignore. The resulting Cove is very good for swimming, catching steers, but many saltwater fish prefer to stay in the open sea. Is no exception and garfish. Therefore, if you plan to catch this fish, look for a breakwater in the open sea, either at the point where the breakwater is absent. So, let’s assume that you’ve got pirineu, now is the time to talk about gear.

The garfish are caught using the “elastics”, and using float for long casting. And in that and in other case, the bait must be in 0.5-1 m from the surface of the sea in this water layer mainly hunting garfish. Device sea “gum” is quite standard, it differs from the traditional small, but important detail. In the place where the leaders are moving away from the main fishing line, attached with foam floats the size of a wine cork to keep the bait in the right water. The length of the leash should be about 1 m, it is desirable to connect them to the main fishing line through the swivel. Leashes sometimes a small bullet weight to fast sinking bait. Hook is better to use a small (No. 6-7) long shank and very sharp. Usually “elastic” is used from 4 to 8 hooks. Fish skewer to the back and the bite is determined by the behavior of floats – they begin to dive and spinning in place.

More sport is fishing using float for long casting or a bit heavier “match” equipment. This requires rod length of 3-5 m (you can use a match or Bologna), spinning or baitcasting reel, bulk fishing line with a diameter of 0.25-0.3 mm or cord up to 0.15 mm metre leash and the smaller diameter “match” a float with a long antenna and a sliding sinker-“olive”. Although the teeth of garfish spicy, I don’t remember a time that he took the leash from the line, so tungsten leash use is impractical. Installation of the float sliding is desirable, so much easier to make a throw. I often use a Waggler length 30 cm – long body allows him to withstand small wave, and when biting the fish feels less resistance. It’s really important because grabbing “beak” victim, garfish continues to move, turning and swallowing the fish. If he feels a large resistance caused by severe “deaf” with a powerful sinker or a float, you probably will throw the bait. Of course, depending on wind and size of waves makes sense to adjust the ‘snap’ rod: to weight or facilitate. So sometimes I use “jucovy” float with carrying capacity up to 15 g. However, even in a mild storm garfish almost not caught. When biting, given the structure of the jaws of the garfish, it is not necessary to hurry with hooking, because it is unlikely to break the hook of his nose. You must show restraint and give the fish to swallow the bait. On the garfish is usually withdrawn 20 seconds. If time is running out and still no bites, try to play tackle: fishing line slowly podmahivat, do rod slack pull.

Schools of garfish actively move along the coast in search of Perini, therefore sometimes more profitable to be fishing from a boat in the drift. But if you are going to fish from a boat, don’t forget to learn the phone of the frontier and the duty to warn about the sea, otherwise you face a fine and the stigma of “the violator of the border regime”. A characteristic feature of fish of the family Surganova is the greenish color bones, that is believed to be associated with a high content of phosphorus. However, the use of such fish quite dangerous, besides the very tasty garfish . Don’t be surprised if, one day I came home from fishing with catch of garfish . you will meet a woman which will literally “glow of happiness”.

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