Business plan breeding fish

Business on aquarium fish is a profitable business, but only if the business owner chooses popular “animals”.

To organize the point not so difficult: first, the conditions necessary for normal functioning aquarium fish, after acquired Pets, the fry are grown to the market standard and are implemented.

This business has a number of features:

Nowadays in Russia there are no entrepreneurs engaged in breeding fish in large volumes.

The business does not require huge initial investment. All necessary equipment is available to everyone.

Much competition in our country is not observed.

This type of activity does not require separate facilities, the costs associated with building or renting premises is eliminated, the fish can be bred at home.

The case is available for everyone, no need to have a degree to competently carry out the breeding of Pets, specialized literature in the public domain.

Implementation of the fish takes place in different ways: sell to pet shops, bird markets, rearing of fish for individuals.

In parallel with this business, you can still implement related products (algae, for example).

Over time,if things go well, you can open your pet shop .

Which fish to breed is more profitable?

When buying, consider the following tips:

Analyze of supply and demand in pet stores and markets of your region, review private ads about selling or buying fish. Note how the most popular varieties, and those that are not found in local stores.

It is better to abandon the breeding of well-known species of fish. Yes, they are easier to breed, but it is practically impossible to sell the same gold fish is available in every zoo.

Refuse and insufficiently from Pets.

Not buy imported types (for example, those whose habitat is coastal brackish waters of Australia, India, Asia), the offspring get from them is difficult, almost impossible.

According to the owners of this business that there is a sense to breed the following types:

Low reproductive ability of the barb Denisoni, the cost 500-1500 rubles.

Average ability – Synodontis Petricola, its cost from 200 to 500 rubles.

Knife-read can be implemented and for 800 rubles.

If you want to give preference to still the popular varieties we try to grow all the same goldfish. A good option – cichlid-parrot.

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Breeding and selling

It is best to establish a complex activity that consisted of two main parts:

The first sale to private owners. The essential thing is to gain credibility, the result will be almost instant, word of mouth never has let anybody down.

The second way is the sale of fish dealers and pet stores. The approach involves the rearing of juvenile fish on a large scale and sale for a small price.

List the equipment that you need (the most popular brand):

Aquarium “Biodesign Reef” is suitable for keeping fish that live in fresh water. The cost per unit is about 9 thousand rubles. Ideally be purchased 9-12 pieces.

Nine-twelve compressors “Eheim Air Pump”, they are needed for aeration. Cost – 1500 rubles.

Filter “SOBO WP-1900F”. Price – about a thousand rubles.

Bulb “T8 Life-Glo II”, daylight, costs about 500 rubles.

The thermostat “Sobo HG”, carrying out water heating, will cost 480 rubles.

Avtokraska “Trixie”. The cost – 1170 rubles.

Thermometer. The price – 50 roubles.

The choice of equipment is based on varieties of fish (each type requires its own care). At first it will be enough to buy a universal aquariums, volume of 200-250 liters, and associated equipment; these parts of household water dweller can be adapted to the livelihoods of different fish.

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The premises and technical and economic indicators

Breeding freshwater fish in the apartment preferably be in a separate room, it needs to be darkened, daylight – artificial (it will simulate pre-purchased the lamp). Place the aquarium away from heating system, in extreme cases, unplug the instrument at the time of breeding fish. One more thing – all the floors in the room needs to be durable.

Thirty adult individuals of twelve months produce three thousand fry, i.e. one female will have about a hundred fry. Thirty adults you have to spend about 40 thousand rubles for feed (at 90 days) – about 7 thousand; the amount of other costs 10 thousand; as you can see, investments are not that large. Calculate the profit! If the average cost of fish is 200 rubles, the average number of sales per month – 250 pieces, the revenue will be 50 thousand (profit of just over forty thousand), then it will pay off in a year.

Business plan breeding fish
Business on aquarium fish is a profitable business, but only if the business owner chooses popular "animals". To organize the point not so difficult: first, the conditions necessary for normal…

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