Catching predatory fish on the feeder

Feeder, one of catchability of the gear, which you can catch almost any fish. Of course, it is best for feeder fishing is a peaceful fish. But there is the catching of a predator, for example, perch and pike.


Best pike fishing on the feeder is happening on live bait. Thus, in the bottom layer, you can catch trophy fish pike. When catch and lure feeder white fish, its accumulation is very attractive individual instances of pike. Here it is toothy not to know the bait is, or a real fish.

Got toothy

On purpose, purposefully to catch a predator with such gear as a feeder does not really work. But interspersed with other species of fish, so to speak, in the catch, you can catch some pike. For fishing with live bait is used as a normal float. You can watch the suggested video how is the pike fishing.

Pike are very strong fish, it will fight. So if the tackle you have enough powerful, you can not just wait for the pike bite, but to pull it so that it is not off the hook.


I want to say that there are many pike on the feeder I have seen, but from most predators were eating the perch. This voracious fish, feeding throughout the year, so nagoeva fat, sometimes begins to miss small minnows, planted as live bait. Where it feeds a peaceful fish, here flocks perch. So Rybalkina feeder could attract perch flocks.

This okonek can catch the hook

Tackle for perch fishing

On a feeder line is placed on the lead, about 40 to 50 centimetres, the sinker, which slides the float. If you catch a sufficient depth, the float must be slipping. If the cast is going to be close, the float can be tied muffled. From the depths of the throw will depend on the setting of the float. Also his place of binding will be determined, Yes or no. In any case, tying the float you need to cast a fishing rod without bait and watch him.

Because predators are very active on the hook, constantly Balk and resist, then commit the line should not be, otherwise it will abort. Instead of sinkers you can use a small feeder filled with the same food, and on the hook.

As with any fish to catch a predator feeder is a rule — line as little as possible should be in the water.

The rod should feel even the weak bite of fish, so it’s important to equip it with a thin tip. Otherwise you just light perch bites may not notice.

Tackle for perch fishing can be “helicopter”. This tackle is used, if we play along baited in a stationary trough. It is used for long-range casts.

The Snap-In “Helicopter”

All understand that neither perch nor pike feeder fish are not. But at the feeder often caught small bass. They are hard enough to resist, such fishing will be gambling and not boring. Large specimens of fish caught is much less. If no prey is caught, it is possible to catch a small perch, not to come home empty (or as fun).

When you need a feeder

Sometimes the bass is deeper, and far to throw the spinning does not work. In this case, may be useful feeder. Such a set will help out, if fishing is conducted in heavily overgrown areas of the reservoir, and in another way this fish is not to catch. If to take into consideration, that perch hunt from ambush, then in such thickets, and will be the main hunting ground for this fish.

With feeder tackle the bait can be delivered to the right place. For such a predator, like a bass, not necessarily heavy equipment, you can use lighter sinkers.

Waiting in the wings

Passive fishing on the predator will not work. It will be necessary to constantly move the rope, to tighten it, the perch love any movement. The movement will cause the rod to move the bait on the hook.


Lure in perch need special in which there is an animal component. For example, he wondered bloodworm, chopped worm and maggots.

If fishing for perch occurs on the feeder, the feeding usually use unscented. Although some professionals allow for the addition of flavorings with the smell of the worm. Bait should be dark, black and it requires the presence of bloodworms. Bloodworms don’t need a lot, you need to lure in small portions. Throw a lure traditionally, using a slingshot.

When thrown a trough, formed a cloud of turbidity. That stuff attracts the flock of predators. Some fish species, e.g. bream, you can only frighten away this haze. But the bass, not easily frightened, it rushes to any movement. For the formation of such Muti you need to add a little finely grated bread or potato mass.

In principle, the pike and perch at the feeder is possible, only it will be different fishing than catching fish peaceful.

Proverb: Before fishing no one should wish you: “No tail, no scales”, otherwise they won’t bite!

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