Catfish, grown in a closed system

We carried out the experiment, the essence of which is as follows:

We went to the nearest market in Moscow (in this case – Timiryazevskaya) and bought ice cream salmon and cream Astrakhan sturgeon. After that we went to a supermarket “Ramstor” and bought a live carp and sturgeon, picked up their live catfish, better fed. All the samples deposited in Test Center Food Products, Food Raw materials, Feedstuffs, Soil, Agrochemicals and Water GCAS “Moscow”. The test results are shown below.

A similar experiment you can do in the city, such tests can make public health services (SES). Note that in a private firm with a license it may be cheaper.

Tests 1 fish Tests fish Tests 1 fish 2 fish 2 Tests

Note: to read a description of the pictures, click on the picture and read the text at the bottom.

What conclusions can be drawn.

1. Why in Norwegian salmon so much of the radionuclides is clear. It is grown in sea cages or special enclosures. The Norwegian sea borders the Barents sea and Murmansk and Severomorsk is the base of Russian nuclear submarines and dump overage submarines.

2. In the Astrakhan sturgeon much mercury, too, has an explanation. Sturgeon is a benthic fish, feeding on organisms living in the soil, i.e. the benthos. The Volga flows into many rivers,for example, the Moscow river. I hope no brave men who dared to drink water from the Moscow river? All the heavy elements (mercury and lead) are accumulated in the animal body throughout life and is not excreted. Currently there are no drugs deducing heavy metals from the body.

Sturgeon in nature, it grows slowly, so the suspension of 5-10 kg is roughly two decades. Imagine how many of benthos was consumed during this period? The conclusion is that if you buy fish caught in the river or the sea, then choose a young fish with a small hitch. She didn’t manage to score a lot of nasty things in themselves. Bought in a supermarket live fish – one of the cleanest. Because they are grown in ponds, where water quality was monitored by the fish farmers and veterinarians. The fish were fed with feed, not with anything. Try to buy live fish! It also tastes better frozen or chilled.

3. Soma, grown in a closed system the net. Why? Firstly, a very high growth rate, due to the high temperature of the water for 6 months 1.1 kg. Heavy metals not have time to accumulate, in addition there are no sources of the metals themselves. The water we used conventional, water. All pools are in a closed room, the Dutch feed, with European quality certificate. By the way, the attentive reader may have noticed that increased levels of zinc in our som. And the explanation is simple, our building water pipes were made of galvanized metal, here zinc, and stood out in the water. But we now have all plastic pipe.

Another important advantage of our kgs compared to fish grown in ponds or caught in nature is that often the fish is infected with parasites or are sick. If you look closely to the floating carp in the aquarium, it is easy to see sores on the body of the animal, and a bacterial disease called “fin rot” is when the tail fin is not smooth the ends, and “uncombed”. Sellers usually interpret that this abrasion occurred during shipment. These sores quickly spread through the water bodies in nature. Therefore, the fish living in natural conditions, they are mostly present but the immune system is the past still keeps them under control. In fish grown in artificial ponds. The main vector species are gulls and ducks, but to protect a few hectares of ponds from birds is very problematic. But if the pond will be infected, then disinfecting it is very time consuming.

When grown in a closed system everything is much easier. The infection never have a chance to get to us. All pools are indoors, water is disinfected, water, extruded feed is used, the processing temperature 140ºС, plus European quality. And if still infection happens, that is actually impossible to drain the water from swimming pools and wash everything and peel much easier than in ponds, and medications easier to use. There is a failsafe way to destroy the entire flora and fauna is to add in fish tanks a little formalin, only it is necessary to disconnect the biofilters, and even beneficial bacteria, you will lose. An hour later, the formalin itself will leave water and will turn the system on. Just don’t try to add formalin in fish tanks! You need to accurately calculate the concentration, in special tables, and that will ruin the fish.

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Catfish, grown in a closed system
We carried out the experiment, the essence of which is as follows: We went to the nearest market in Moscow (in this case - Timiryazevskaya) and bought ice cream salmon…

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