Catfish – the traditional inhabitants of the home aquarium

This is a very cute fish coal-black with neon spots all over the body in “infancy”. But growing up, she becomes totally black leads nocturnal and exhibits an irrepressible aggression towards other dogs.

catfish brocade — decorating Your aquarium

Brocade appearance is the different colors, from green and black to orange and even yellow. With time, it changes not only the size of the fish, but the picture of the body.

Oblate top body reminiscent of the famous all river catfish. Yes and it stands out among the other inhabitants of the aquarium. Growing, though slowly but surely. To three years reaches six inches, and by the end of his life (10-15 years) can grow up to half a meter.

catfish Golden

He has a beautiful yellowish-brown color, resembling old gold. An interesting feature is their ability to breathe oxygen, which they seize with the mouth, and acquire rear the gut. Body movement are the thorns on the pectoral fins. Very interesting to watch, as these fish gather in groups on the sandy shallows and crawl from place to place. In captivity, Golden catfish does not grow more than 7 cm.

the glass catfish

Planning to “companies”of 4-6 fish they swim quietly in the water column, not hiding and behave with great dignity. A very spectacular sight.

The transparent body, visible through the skeleton, and even the back wall of the aquarium. For “design” glass catfish call fish-ghosts. They are not aggressive and even fearful. Glass, hiding from danger, literally dissolving in turbid water. Much more confident they feel in flocks.

shark catfish

He does not like being alone. It is a schooling fish, keep them in better “team” for 3-4 instance — loneliness causes stress. However, not only the loneliness. At sudden appearance of shadows, or light glare a flock of fish will begin in a panic to rush to the surface, bumping into obstacles and breaking noses to themselves. This is a fairly large fish. Catfish reach 30 cm in length, and can diastat up to half a metre. This fish is strikingly similar marine predator, and its appearance will surely make an impression!

catfish Panda

Isn’t it similar to the bear? Pandas grow to 5 cm Color — orange-brown color with a dark stripe passing through the eye. This fish is also a fan of “fresh air”, so access to the water surface for a SIP of oxygen to the catfish Panda needs to be opened. Pandas love the company, to dig in the soil and have a night lifestyle. Aktivnichat they begin at dusk and during the day resting on the rocks, or hiding in shelters.

Aquarium catfish are mainly bottom-dwelling fish. To revive the middle class of its underwater world will place them nimble fish size is above average. Distihodusy, or electrolye tetras will keep them good company. All kinds of soms, even floating in the middle layers of water, like shelter for seclusion and rest.

Catfishes are mostly nocturnal. twilight or fish. To feed them better before turning off the light at night. It is better not to use for the bottom coarse gravel. Fish can injure on their antennae.

Caring for their Pets, cute fish will bring to your home peace and comfort.

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