European sole or sole

The fish of the sea language is one of the names halibut, Solea. But Maritime language is often called another type of fish for halibuts is irrelevant. It is pangasius. The sole belongs to the order of flatfish and lives mostly in the North.

Description and types

The sole has a flat and elongated body. Shape it like a leaf. Halibut have small eyes that shifted to the right side and are very close to each other. The Constitution gives the sole a bit to dig into the mud or sand.

The fish of the sea language is the fishing. Therefore, the age of her rarely exceeds 30 years. There are three kind of turbot, which include only 5 types:

To include white-barked white-barked and Atlantic halibut. Full believe the largest representatives of this family. The weight of individuals up to 337 pounds, and the length — 470 cm;

Stressovykh languages represent marine species: the American and the Asian halibut. Weight individuals of the Asian species does not exceed 2-3 pounds, and a length of 73 centimeters. Weight American halibut around 3 pounds and body length varies between 0.45 to 0.83 inch;

The black species of the Solea is the only cinerary (black) sea tongue weight up to 44 pounds, and body length — 120 cm.

Torso halibut is soft and covered with small scales. Ninjacat the body painted in light grey or white color. The upper part is gray-brown with spots of darker shades. The size and weight of the fish depend on the species, belongs to the sole. But turbot have sexual deformity. It is that the female is much heavier and larger than males.

Distribution and habitat

Marine languages live only in the Northern waters of the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. Most of the pack of the Solea collected in Japanese (Asian halibut), Okhotsk (Asian and black), Bering (black, Asian and Treasury species) and Barents seas (black). Currently the Solea bred on farms to prevent the disappearance of this kind of fish.

Halibut are demersal lifestyle at the depth from 300 meters to 1 kilometer. At this depth, the water temperature rarely exceeds the range of 2-10 degrees. When the water warms, the fish begins active spawning. In the rest of primarily the sole lead a passive lifestyle.


Like all flatfish, Solea, don’t move at all. During the day it disguises itself from predators, burrowing in the bottom and merge with the General landscape. By the evening sea languages leave the shelter and begin to feed. To do this, they overlook the sandy or muddy bottom. Only in such areas of ocean bottom can eat zoobenthos.

The Solea has a very small mouth. Therefore, the fish feeds on small prey. Medium-sized representatives of turbot include in the diet of mollusks, small crustaceans and worms. The major types of marine language also include in the diet of large polychaete worms — polychaetes, small fish, floating in flocks. The active feeding of the representatives of bottom fish after the spawning ends.


Spawning fish marine language continues throughout the spring. It begins in March at a depth of 30 meters. Females of Solea spawn in an amount of from several hundred to several million eggs in one litter. The young hatch from the eggs in 1-2 weeks and originally found on the surface of the sea, feeding on nauplii of crustaceans.

Fry the lemon sole as growth and development are transferred to benthic lifestyle. They have to undergo a metamorphosis that is inherent in all fish from the group of flatfish. While his left eye gradually moves on an adjacent side. Right side of the body gets back the fish, and her left side — belly. Mature age of the Solea reach 7-17 years.

This is interesting

Greenpeace marine language was included in the Red book. It also included fish, which are sold in most developed countries. The fact is that in unregulated fisheries, there is a high risk that the halibut will be completely destroyed.

In order to keep the number of the Solea, the people began to grow sea languages method of aquaculture. Their cultivation began in the beginning of the last century, when the Frenchman Paul Louis Marie Fabre-Domel organized corral fish farm. The sole has been grown for several years until, while the farm was not ruined as a result of actions taking place in the First world war.

In the second half of the last century, Solea appeared on the farms of Norway, USA, Denmark and the UK. Currently only bred 2 species of cultivated turbot, which are characterized by rapid growth and weight gain. It is the European sole and Senegalese sole.

The Solea is widespread in the food industry thanks to a delicate white and very tasty meat. To catch halibut to the angler is lucky. Value due to the relatively high cost tilamortgage language, which is sold in stores in many States.

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