Feeding aquarium fish

КFor all Pets, big role in health and a full life is played by the correct chosen food. Aquarium fish is not an exception. Therefore, the feeding of aquarium fish should be balanced and focused on the type and age of the fish. Because the material for the skeletal structure and the formation energy of fish are exclusively supplied from forages.

In the natural environment of each species of fish adapts to eating a certain type of feed produced in these circumstances.

Food preferences of adult fish

Small invertebrates (mostly aquarium fish). Smaller fish (predatory fish). Vegetable food. Misc food.

The composition of the fish diet in nature varies depending on the environmental conditions of their residence. In need of fish may well compromise in their preferences and is a favorite forage to consume what is available.

This adaptive capacity of fish usually are widely used by aquarists, is a variety of food, having a place in the natural ponds, giving the fish the same kind of food.

Reliable information about how it affects the health and overall condition of the aquarium rybachat or no other food. To tell you specifically how to feed aquarium fish, which feed to give preference, it is difficult, therefore, to avoid deficiency of fish of various trace elements, types of food should be alternated.

When choosing food great importance is the age of the fish. Diet juveniles and adults differently.

Matters and in what layers of the water or that the fish obtains its food under natural conditions. They collect the fish feed near the surface, others in the middle water layers, others on the bottom, rummaging around in the bottom ground. A large part of aquarium fish take their food in mid-water. In the preparation of fish diet of these species characteristics must be considered.

The frequency of feeding, how to feed aquarium fish depends on the fish age. During the growth period feeding should be frequent, the fry are fed 3-5 times a day. For adult individuals is enough for 1-2 feedings (morning/night). Predatory fish enough to feed 1 time per day. To give the fish food in large amount does not follow. Not eaten remnants pollute the water and by decomposition cause infection in inhabitants of the aquariums. Will be sufficient for the amount of food that manages to be eaten within 10 minutes.

Uneaten food should be removed

The greatest difficulty is the feeding of the fry, only started the diet. For full development, the young animals require live food (larvae of crustaceans, rotifers, infusorians), it is necessary to breed in artificial conditions, or to catch in reservoirs, selecting it from the plankton.

If this is not possible, fry feed, or soil nematodes, it is quite in the extreme case, dry food (crushed bloodworms and crustaceans, egg and milk powders). The fry live-bearing fish are born at once large enough and they can be fed brine shrimp larvae. Grown and grown juveniles transferred to food by the crayfish and chopped bloodworms.

Types of feed

All types of feeds for aquarium fishes are divided into two groups: living and preserved. Of course, with canned less feed problems, but worrying about the condition of their Pets, preference should be given to alive. For the most part adults aquarium fish feed is bloodworm, fish with a small mouth fed chopped bloodworms and small crustaceans.

Dry food in the daily diet of aquarium fish, if possible, should be avoided, but if other feed is not available, then at least alternate the dry mixture in lumps. This is one of the biggest and most frequent mistakes in breeding and maintenance of aquarium fish to translate them into the diet on a dry mix, citing the balanced feed, the presence of all the necessary, vital supplements, such as vitamins, trace elements.

How to feed the fish in the aquarium

Actually, when selecting dry food plus one — time to store dry food longer. Live food contains all that is necessary for life, food tract of fishes adapted to such kind of food. Dry food is poorly digested and starts to rot and decompose in the stomach of the fish, digested only a small part, most fermented and not processed, falls into the water, changing its composition. What contributes to the development and multiplication in water of pathogenic organisms

Large snails, such as ampulyarii, require additional power, otherwise they will eat algae in the aquarium. As for more power up the leaves of cabbage or lettuce.

Overeating adversely affect the General condition aquarium fish. Once a week feeding of aquarium fish is useful skip, give them a fasting day.

To feed the inhabitants of the aquarium is recommended at the same time, by selecting to feed a certain place, for example, to install a bird feeder in the right corner, when you feed, you can tap the glass with his finger. The fish soon accustomed themselves to come at the right time to feeding time and the food will be eaten, and not settle to the bottom.

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