Fish in garden ponds

Beautiful, interesting, moving, shimmering in different colors of fish, perhaps, are an ornament to any body of water. However, connected with them a lot of trouble. To inhabit a variety of pond fish and plants, you must make the extensive and also diverse with bays, shallows, and deep pools. Best option is a system of multiple reservoirs, connected by shallow streams or waterfalls, General water circulation (from the bottom of the reservoir in the upper pump pumps). A good solution would be and one big pond with Islands, where water circulation is provided by several pumps installed around the perimeter of the reservoir.

The pond will contain fish, should not be very deep, because in this case you will not see its inhabitants, and in spring and summer it will be bad to warm up. Enough for him the area of 20-30 square meters with ice area of 6-8 square meters and a depth of 80 cm. Water should be clean, not contain chlorine. It is important that the fish could breathe. The saturation of the pond oxygen is one of the important points. He is allowed by means of pumps, the construction of the brook, the fountain, the cultivation of aquatic plants. At the bottom of the reservoir you can pour clean sand or gravel. This will allow the fish to bury themselves in the soil and hibernate until the spring thaw.

Remember that you should not run the fish in Novigrad, as fresh water can be fatal for her, wait until the plants take root and will not install a biological balance. To determine how many fish can you keep in the pond, use the rule: at least 50 l of water for fish the length of a finger or 2.5 cm of body length of the fish is 0.1 m surface water body.

Species of fish

Goldfish is a very popular fish. Suitable for small ponds. It is inexpensive, undemanding. Because it is gregarious, it is necessary to let into the pond a few pieces. Very easy to get used to the person. Goldfish don’t cause trouble, spend the winter at home in aquariums of at least 150 liters. Normal gold fish has short fins, the ends of her caudal fin rounded. Scales with brilliant metallic sheen, the color is Golden-red. There are species with yellow, pinkish and black color. With careful care the fish can live 20 years and reach a length of 40 cm With a length of 12-15 cm fish are considered adults and able to spawn. In good conditions, they multiply greatly, so do not just let into the pond too many fish. Common varieties of goldfish: shubunkin, comet, livingonlove, Valuehost.

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Livingonlove / Comet / Shubunkin

IDE is very popular as goldfish. It is active, do not dig the soil, which makes it particularly attractive.

Koi (Japanese carp) are the most beautiful fish for ponds. They have been bred in Japan and China for decorating ponds. Have beautiful bright coloring of the back, not shy and love to swim at the water surface. They can only contain in a deep and large reservoirs, the depth of at least 150 meters, in order to provide them a good zimovaniya. Koi — fish-long-livers. They are quite large, can grow up to 70 cm Koi variety in color, form of scales.

Ornamental species of carp — the most suitable inhabitants for small ponds. They are not shy, holding up a beautiful flock, quickly get used to people.

Lin. For ponds best suited variety with yellow color, floating on the bottom. Lin belongs to useful fish, cleaning the pond. Winters on the bottom of the pond, buried in the silt. Lives in stagnant water, in ponds with carp.

In addition to tench, clean the pond carp and white Amur. Silver carp feed on plants with tender greens, and white Amur — almost all (from nymphs to cattail). But unlike ornamental fish, it would be rare for them to observe, they rarely rise to the surface.

Sturgeon fish. The sterlet, sturgeon and their hybrid forms are becoming more widespread due to breeding. They may live in garden ponds. If you are interested in their aesthetic value (the unusual shape of the body, graceful movements), blowing sturgeon in shallow water with small Acadamy. If gastronomic — start them in a large. On filamentous algae and feed, they quickly grow up.

Pike is a fish for real fans. Secretive, unpredictable, impetuous, she will give a patient observer of the scenes of hunting for small fish, spawning in the early spring. With the advent of this predator’s quickened the whole life of the pond the other fish are leaving their secret places, are beginning to move and prefer to keep to open spaces.

Veriplace have a right to exist not only in the form of food. They always kept large flocks at the water surface, arrange real around thrown into the water crust of bread and very deftly catching the mosquito, eating at the same time and their larvae. This is the main advantage of inconspicuous tiny fishes.

Gobies-Rotana — fish purely utilitarian. They will methodically clean your pond from all the excess, including mosquito larvae. Running these gelogaev in the water, you will never see them, but you will save yourself from many problems. Versnum in ice, rotary will come alive in the spring and in addition will produce offspring. Don’t worry if they become too much: bullheads will eat almost all the fry.

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