Fishing in the Ukraine in the vicinity of Pavlograd

In this overview article, you can find popular water bodies in the vicinity of Pavlograd. Provides assessment and feedback, which is shared by anglers fishing in a particular pond or lake.

The waters of Pavlograd district

Salt sump

If you decided to go to Salt settler, several times think. After all, many people say that all the fish there with worms. This orphan rates, so to pay for the fishing you do not have. In the pond you can fish from the carp family and carp.

Black farm

Fishing on the Black farm will cost about 250 rubles. Moreover, additionally you can take the opportunity to stay in comfortable lodges almost free of charge 100 rubles a day. Here is the place for fishing specially equipped. There is a barbecue and wood for the rest. So delicious barbecue or fish on the grill, freshly caught, can be a delicious lunch, not only for you but also for your entire company. The rest are available here and the whole team.

On the waterfront you can count on catching carp. carp. roach. the redeye, perch and carp. As a local recommend baits be sure to grab the corn, manure worm and technoplant. This is the minimum set that can be added at your discretion. Catch ribulose as a ground rod, and daughter.


Fishing on the paysite Vasiok will cost you 250 rubles per person. And to fish from a boat here is strictly prohibited. Regarding fish, pond usual carp and common carp, other fish species apparently so rare that they don’t even speak. If we talk about the amount of catches, with variable sequence, you can catch for ten pounds. The fishermen suggest that you, as bait to use the crackers with the worm and the worm navesnoe.


The cost of fishing on the paysite of Kocherezhki — 400 rubles. Here you can count on catching carp and carp, as alleged owners of the reservoir. But, unfortunately, the views of visiting anglers and the administration in this matter differ, what you can learn from generalized reviews.

New cottage

Fishing on the paysite the New cottage is sure to impress you. After all, you can catch and elite fish, for example, grass carp and silver carp. Large quantities of carp are caught. Ticket price depends directly on the time of year you travel. So, winter is only 80 rubles per person, while rates increase in summer and reach 200 roubles. But the fishing is worth it. You will definitely get a lot of fun and a good catch. Additional contributions for fish is not withdrawn.


If you decide to go fishing in the village of Boguslav, then you will be able to catch crucians and carps. And carp good on a feeder snap-in, and carp on the float rod. Regarding bait, it’s good to grab the peas, corn and manure worm. Here you can fish for free, so you have a good catch.

Pond Pioneer

If you decide to go fishing on the paysite pioneer, such a pleasure will cost about 300 rubles. Here you can expect to catch carp, crucian carp and silver carp. And fish, preferably small in size. It is worth noting that the road to the pond will be very dangerous after rain.

Forest lake

Stay on Forest lake will bring a lot of fun. Here catching perch, crucian carp, carp and small pike. Moreover, the purity of the reservoir indicates the presence of cancers. A lot of them here. Therefore, we can safely come to the lakes (there are two) and entertain friends or family.


This paysite is a good place for fishing for 150 rubles a day per person. Here you can calculate the catching of carp, silver carp, carp and mixed-laborecka. And night fishing is prohibited. Tolstolob you can catch trophy size, but this happens not so often as could be desired.

Feeding pond

Fishing on the pond Feeding you at no cost. In the water you can catch perch, roach, Rudd, crucian, carp, catfish, and even pike. Some locals say that in winter fishing you can catch bream. Carp comes across an especially large size.

If you want to see with fishing in Ukraine more, then welcome to the article about fry in the Minsk region .

Pike kutok Samara

This place is considered the most appropriate for pike on live bait. In 2013 was stocked with fry of common carp and Amur.


Water spaces of the Wolf river famous for the abundance of members of the family of fish. Here you can catch a large number of pike, Zander, perch and bream. If you decide to fish in places with large percutie, it is possible to catch Chub. And if you go somewhere where there’s an abundance of reeds and sedge, in a tranquil bays — a carp will definitely be your catch. River downstream Wolf can please you trophy catfish sizes. The shallow water is full of roach, white bream, bream, pike-perch, perch and other fish species. The middle river open spaces with little course is a great place for catching Chub, roach, Korop, perch, pike and carp.

Fishing on the river Wolf, you can absolutely free.

Reviews about the fishing in the vicinity of Pavlograd

Good luck with your fishing on the reservoirs of the Pavlograd Dnipropetrovsk region of Ukraine! There’s a really decent place, and not all of them paid.

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