Perhaps the goldfish, known to almost everyone, there are about a hundred types and among them are so mesmerizing and attractive for their unmatched splendor, and quirky behavior that one can only humbly admire these masterpieces of the underwater world!


Natural habitat of goldfish – rivers of the southern Chinese provinces. It is in the ancient Chinese Chronicles and found the first mention of goldfish (goldfish yellow) and because at the time they were made to give the Buddhist temple, they began to breed in captivity and every way to improve their unmatched beauty. The most perfect goldfish is the veiltail telescopes features a black telescope.


If you have goldfish in ponds, it can grow to the size without a tail to 35 cm, however if you have a goldfish in aquariums its usual size is unlikely to exceed 15 centimeters. Noteworthy is the fact that:

gorodomlya individuals live not more than 15 years

the long-bodied species is able to survive up to 40 years.

The basic color of body and fins goldfish red and Golden, and the belly a bit lighter. Unique iridescent gold color of these truly beautiful creatures are simply amazing voobrajeniem the splendor and diversity. Also breeding different varieties of goldfish have the following coloration:


black pale pink

fiery red



dark bronze

black and blue

Body shape

The body of a gold fish has elongated and slightly compressed on the sides. Such an interesting body shape gives this wonderful mind even more elegance and attractiveness!


Since all breeding types of goldfish are pretty friendly, they easily can be kept together with other species. Separately it is necessary to keep only the veiltail is due to the fact that other types of aquarium fish can damage them along, also a veiltail sighted and rather slow, and they simply will not be able to catch enough food earlier than their neighbors in the aquarium and will starve.

The diet of these beautiful underwater creatures extensive, they may have:




bread (white)

unsalted oat and semolina porridge


ground beef






If You feed goldfish dry food before feeding it is advisable to soak it for a few minutes in the aquarium water. Also, do not feed them a dry food, they may develop inflammation of the digestive system.

Gold fish are always ready to eat, but it is not necessary to indulge in this – you cannot overfeed. Weight daily intake of food should not exceed three percent of the weight of the fish otherwise overfeeding can cause inflammation of the gastro-intestinal tract, obesity and infertility fish.

As an initial feed for males is great micro worm and feed. To feed the fish two times a day for 15 minutes. In the coming 15 minutes of feeding, you need to clean the food trap. Interesting is the fact that adults with proper nutrition are capable without harm for health to endure a week-long hunger strike.

The content in the aquarium

All types of goldfish, despite the fact that they originated from common river carp, the conditions are quite demanding and that they felt well at least you’ll need a spacious aquarium for one fish (1.5 to 2 DM 2 ) square bottom.

Preferred “classic” (rectangular) aquariums with a water column height not exceeding 50 cm Optimum water temperature:

for the long-bodied species of 17° – 26 °C

for corotating types of 21°C to 29 °C

A little advice – if the health of the fish is not very good, you can add salt in water (5-7 g/l.)

The differences of the female from the male visible only during spawning: the males appears a white “rash” on the pectoral fins and the gills, and the female slightly rounded abdomen. Puberty comes after a year of life. The optimal age for reproduction is from 2 to 4 years. In the eighth year of life lost the ability to reproduce.

Spawning is used under aquariums with a volume of 20 to 50 liters And the water level should be no more than 20cm. Need fresh made a few hours in direct sunlight water.

Lighting during spawning should be pretty bright, should also be strong aeration. At the time of spawning gradually raise the temperature 2 to 4 °C. Preferably for one female to take two or three males. The whole thing can last several hours (from 2 to 5). The incubation period lasts 4 days. The required temperature of 25°C. and the white Dead eggs must be removed, they are covered with fungus saprolegnia is dangerous to living eggs.

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