How and what to feed goldfish in your pond?

Carp – fish unpretentious. In nature it is found in waters almost all over the territory of Russia. He can live in rivers, but prefers marshy ponds with stagnant water. So the fish is well suited for growing in the garden. The breeding of carp, and carp and breeding in the country. in artificial reservoir – it is interesting. In order to make it more beneficial and profitable, you need to equip your pond and its inhabitants provide quality feed.

In natural bodies of water no artificially carp do not feed. They are great to do without. Another thing home garden. But before you choose the type of feeding, need to know that the carp are very conservative in matters of food. He prefers familiar foods.

The content

Type of fish feed used and

In artificial ponds they grow several species of carp:

common carp or gold; goldfish; goldfish.

The first two species are found in natural waters, the gold fish was artificially bred in China and is a popular decoration for home ponds. Breeding of any kind involves feeding them. Here you can read how to dig a pond for breeding fish.

Rules of feeding

With little food carp degenerates and shallow, capable obrazovateljnogo form. The question always arises what to feed goldfish in a pond home.

In nature, the basis of the diet of carp consists of:

chironomid larvae (bloodworm) and other insects;

small shellfish;



This species should be fed from late April–may. In mid-September, the feeding is stopped. The carp eat the food is good only in well-heated water. In heat and cold they stop feeding. Critical water temperature is above 25 and below 12 °C. Experienced fish breeders will not conduct feeding with no thermometer in hand, otherwise, instead of the benefit it will bring harm. The fodder will settle to the bottom, decompose and affect water quality. Can lead to pollution, also called eutrophication of water bodies.

The process of feeding

Home with a pond of almost any size and design suitable for the cultivation of carp. In principle, the carp is omnivorous. Even if you’re not going to feed them, they will not die from hunger. In your home pond, they will always find a minimum amount of food necessary for survival, especially if the pond is mud bottom, there are many plants and already has its own ecosystem.

For mass gain of carp need to provide:

feeds of plant origin;

animal food.

These two feeds can be mixed together. Give them in the form of porridge or a thick dough. Doing it at the same time, in the selected location. Then the fish gets used, and she’s coming to this place at the right time.

In domestic practice of natural ponds or feeding of prepared rations. Each type of feed has its advantages. The finished feed is always balanced and does not require long preparation, in addition to store it quite conveniently. With natural food have to Tinker. But they are cheaper.

For your convenience you can equip a small platform for feeding and table-tray. On this device with bumpers and put food immersed in water. This feeder does not give food remnants to fall to the bottom and there sour.

Video feeder for fish:

The feeder allows you to:

to control the intensity of eating feed by the carp;

to adjust the feed amount;

to observe the process of eating food.

Not to wait long carp at the trough, you can summon them by ringing a bell. Conditioned reflex in fish is produced quickly, and within a week, the other fish will quickly swim to the feeding station on a signal.

Here you can see photos articles made from stingrays to the Playground.

Feeding carp in a barrel

Small goldfish can be kept in a barrel. In this case, the fish perform a more decorative function. They survive well due to its astounding resilience.

Feed them in such a small pond, should be very moderate.

To make sure that fish ate food completely, otherwise the water will sour and the fish will die.

Food can be taken dry or natural.

Ideal food for goldfish.

Natural carp feed well eat bloodworm, worms, pieces of meat, cooked legumes and grains.

Can not overheat the barrel. It is better to dig in the ground in a shady corner of the garden.

In a barrel you can plant aquatic plant in the pot, it will help in the fight for clean water. But goldfish like to rummage at the bottom, so the pot need to disguise large stones.

Regular substitution of the water in such reservoirs is a prerequisite for successful cultivation of carp.

How often and how much to feed

Question: how to feed the fish, relevant only in the warm season: winter fish don’t eat, and feed them makes no sense. In a well-established domestic pond gold crucian carp grow to 500-600 grams. The silver crucian carp in two years gaining weight to 250-300 grams. In order to obtain such results, the fish should be fed properly.

Video how to plant and what to feed goldfish in a pond at the cottage.

Rules of feeding:

fed 1-2 times a day;

feeding is carried out in the second half of the day;

give feed exactly as much as goldfish can eat in 15 minutes.

If the fish in your pond to breed, so they have everything in order and feed them. The feed volume is calculated from the number of fish and type of feed. Grain yield rate of 3-5 % of the total weight of fish in the pond.

If your pond is 30 carp 100 grams each, then each feed will need 90-150 g of the steamed grain. It is mixed with meat waste, bran and bone meal. By the fall of portions is reduced, and with the onset of cold weather and stop to feed.

Properly cooked food should not float to the surface of the water. Loose feed made in the form of porridge or dough. This dry food is well mixed with water.

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