How to choose fish for your aquarium types

The right choice of underwater inhabitants – it is very important, because it really will save you from many problems. And so inspired by the newcomers occasionally pop into the pet store, choose fish pokrasochnyh and go away, without thinking that those bringing the newest pet in many hardships. And so what kind of fish to choose? What properties own perfect inhabitants for your first aquarium? Probably, we will understand.


Of course, a temptation to acquire beautiful clown or a mysterious cichlid tie does occur, however think about the fact that any desire to have the aquarium will be lost if extremely soon, your Pets, unwillingness to die. And so also, it will be to ruthlessly towards them. And so leave the clowns, butterflies, Aravan, piranhas and Labe experienced enthusiasts, and for the base focus in guppies, swordtails, platies, tetras, rainbow fish or mollies – that’s who with ease will forgive mistakes!


Completely natural that you would want izdrzati a huge portion of “aquarium” budget in expensive exotic creatures. And so however it is not necessary to forget that to move in with not a lot of money remains in the compressor, filter, decorations, decent food and, in fact, the aquarium itself.

Choosing between a small aquarium with exotic inhabitants and the aquarium of medium size with the most “economical” Pets, do not hesitate to choose the 2nd option. And so it is important also so that the temperature, pH is the height of the desired microorganisms in a larger volume of water will also help much easier.

In addition, if the occupant maliankara “home” sick, his illness is immediately picked up by all around. And so to provide themselves with these problems, better buy it cheap (which not means ugly) fish, but also to provide them a comfortable house.


brutal temperamental person about the supervision of inexperienced aquarist absolutely “bloom” and hard to intimidate or injure neighbors.

Recommended friendly new Pets, or, to your horror and danger, the average person angry (like makropody and cichlids of lake Malawi). And so they feed well, read the descriptions of the species and provide your Pets enough places, seaweed, driftwood and shelter in option, if they want to divide the area. And so remember who and peaceful fish can podgruzit other people’s tails. And so therefore do not settle people creatures tend to eat others ‘ tails (like tiger barbs) with the owners of the treasures of long and fluttering.


If you are a supporter of a catfish, be prepared for the fact that a huge portion of day time your Pets spend in shelters. And so what if expect from the aquarium constant movement, I wish that “underwater housing” entertain you and your guests, choose egonovich and playful Pets like neons, barbs, lemon tetras, dwarf gourami or tetras Congo.

Combine the fish right!

In 1-x, steel rule: do not settle people “little ones” and “giants” in another — and a handful of the aquarium! Even if a huge fish measured and unaggressive, “children” they will swallow a simple as floating feed.

Even if your powerful pet feed exclusively on food from plants, maliankara neighbor he can swallow and not choke. And so fish – “beeweed”, which nobody touched, identical is, however, a minority of them.

In-2, do not forget to give “underwater housing” a pair of catfish – fans of the same to clean the bottom and glass or fish, which will choose uneaten food from the bottom. And so these “bearers of the aquarium” will be your essential assistant!

Of course, it is not necessary to forget about the aesthetic side of the “underwater area”. And so if you buy before a pair of fish of each species, the aquarium will also look very randomly. And so I wish that he looked like an animated creation of art? Imagine your favorite fish is close and you will understand, whether they are mixed visually.

By the way, look amazing the same adjacent the bottom of the fans (sort of ancistrus catfish or spotted catfish), the inhabitants of the middle layers of water (for example, zebrafish) and chips, frolicking in the surface (swordtails and platys).

And if your Pets, in addition, will be combined to colors, will be released and quite a parable, not an aquarium!

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