How to escape from sharks

Over the past 20 years shark attacks have occurred four times, the document says. “The attack is isolated, and therefore subject to control. To ensure the safety of tourists, the specialists from the office of nature reserves of Egypt have taken steps for early learning and to prevent shark attacks”, – noted in the Embassy of Egypt.

ichthyology of the biological faculty of Moscow state University Alexander Ovanesovitsch Cusumano about what threatens the meeting with the shark and how to protect yourself from possible unpleasant consequences of this meeting.

In Egypt, the shark attacked the man as is typical for sharks?

– You know, it’s not very typical. In General, cases of attacks by sharks on humans not so much, especially serious assaults that end in serious injuries or death. I don’t remember exactly, but I came across statistics for any given year of the late 90s or early 2000 that in the world of reliable shark attacks per year were registered about a hundred. You can imagine that in Moscow from attack dogs more people suffering than around the world from shark attacks. So it is, in General, is not very typical, it happens quite rarely.

– What, then, can provoke sharks to attack?

Maybe because there are shark species that reach very large sizes, respectively, they are carnivores, they must eat. Sometimes food issues are in the sea, and it now often occurs. Overfishing of prey by man – those objects that feed on sharks. They can starve because of this they have, in scientific language, an increased level of food motivation of hunger, which cause them to search for food and attack unusual for such victims as men. It’s possible that some kind of shark, while in this state, and has attacked swimmers or divers. They can draw their behavior, especially people floundering or producing a lot of water noise. These sounds very quickly in the water are – far and, most importantly. Sharks feel they may be interested, have them waking up the conditioned reflex and, accordingly, may be attacked.

– It was just in the tourist area, and the shark attacked a 70-year-old woman is unlikely she could behave extremely aggressive and produce a lot of noise.

I agree with you. What I’ve told you is one option. Here it is possible that the displacement path of some large sharks coincided with the place where swam the woman. Something a woman the shark attracted. It’s hard to say. Most likely, it’s some kind of an individual, the particular shark decided to attack people because of some circumstances. It could be hunger, I was talking about, and maybe it have some disorders in the nervous system. After all the water bodies including the sea, are also subject to contamination – maybe the shark is some violations in the nervous system occurred, and it caused such increased aggression in particular. And then, all large sharks are fish that are actively moving. And can swim very long distances in search of food. And here’s a kind of shark could move along the coast or within the red sea (and it is a small reservoir for large sharks) and during their movements and migrations could meet such a person, who decided to eat.

– Is it possible to escape from sharks, if it swims right at you?

Actually, it is difficult, of course. If it’s a large predatory shark, it is quite difficult. But attempts to swim away from sharks – the worst option. At this time people will be a lot of noise and some movement, in General, moving objects cause the sharks want to grab, stalk, attack. People should stay put, when he noticed a shark that shows aggression in his attitude. We must try to protect themselves. Strikes at the shark, especially on the head, especially in the area of the eye or the rostrum – tip of nose – this is the most sensitive spot for sharks. And if a person or an animal resists, statistics and observation show that sharks quite often stop their attempts to attack. Will she find the victim more vulnerable. You should try to resist things: legs, hands. Hit the shark to push it. But it is better to hit somehow. And, of course, it is very important that someone was. Because statistics show that most deaths it all ends when the man is with a shark one on one. Usually sharks examined his prey, floating around her. And then at some point attacked, taking a serious bite, leaving aside waiting for the person or animal is weak from loss of blood.

– Is it true that sharks are afraid of dolphins?

– In the speed of the dolphins, of course, can compete with the sharks, but they were afraid of someone, you know, such serious scientific evidence supporting this opinion, did not come across in the literature. I, in General, conclusive evidence of the correctness of this view not met. Dolphins, of course, pack animals – because a lot of them, and they are very active, they can cause the shark to get out of there, where dolphins swim. But not because the shark was scared, she just doesn’t love this situation, when there are many animals that actively sports. It’s not fear, but rather the desire to leave a place.

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