How and what to feed goldfish in your pond?

Carp – fish unpretentious. In nature it is found in waters almost all over the territory of Russia. He can live in rivers, but prefers marshy ponds with stagnant water. So the fish is well suited for growing in the garden. The breeding of carp, and carp and breeding in the country. in artificial reservoir – it is interesting. In order to make it more beneficial and profitable, you need to equip your pond and its inhabitants provide quality feed.

In natural bodies of water no artificially carp do not feed. They are great to do without. Another thing home garden. But before you choose the type of feeding, need to know that the carp are very conservative in matters of food. He prefers familiar foods.

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Type of fish feed used and

In artificial ponds they grow several species of carp:

common carp or gold; goldfish; goldfish.

The first two species are found in natural waters, the gold fish was artificially bred in China and is a popular decoration for home ponds. Breeding of any kind involves feeding them. Here you can read how to dig a pond for breeding fish. Continue reading

The most beautiful aquarium fish

Graceful bright aquarium inhabitants attract attention because of their dimensional action in the water surface. Today we offer you to admire the most beautiful aquarium fish.

Royal zentropy

This fish has a bright elegant color of her torso and fins are painted in scarlet on the sides are brown or black streaks, and the edges of the dorsal fin is framed by a bright blue border. They usually grow no more than 7 cm but there are especially large individuals, reaching a size of 10 cm Good feel in captivity for a comfortable life the most beautiful fish need an aquarium with a capacity of 100 liters, a large number of hiding places and live rock. The optimum temperature should be maintained at around 24-25 degrees. Don’t like cousins, get along well with the inhabitants of a reef tank. Feed them a “salad” of finely chopped clams and seaweed. Like to eat algae growing on rocks and walls of aquarium.

Angel larkworthy decorated

A distinctive feature of the fish with an elongated body, the tail is lyre-shaped. Young individuals and females have more contrasting color – scales on the belly are cast in purple, and in the upper part of the gills towards the dorsal fin and runs around Continue reading

European sole or sole
The fish of the sea language is one of the names halibut, Solea. But Maritime language is often called another type of fish for halibuts is irrelevant. It is pangasius.…

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Dangerous fish and jellyfish of the Black sea
The black sea resorts of Crimea, Caucasus, Bulgaria, Romania - the most popular in summer and autumn seasons. We will talk about what dangerous marine animals can meet vacationers. In…

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Shark catfish
Miniature logo people use floats in my aquarium. Pulls its huge eyes, cuts smooth water surface with a sharp fin. Charming quirky! Like the shark, and there seems little aquarium…

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