Fish in garden ponds

Beautiful, interesting, moving, shimmering in different colors of fish, perhaps, are an ornament to any body of water. However, connected with them a lot of trouble. To inhabit a variety of pond fish and plants, you must make the extensive and also diverse with bays, shallows, and deep pools. Best option is a system of multiple reservoirs, connected by shallow streams or waterfalls, General water circulation (from the bottom of the reservoir in the upper pump pumps). A good solution would be and one big pond with Islands, where water circulation is provided by several pumps installed around the perimeter of the reservoir.

The pond will contain fish, should not be very deep, because in this case you will not see its inhabitants, and in spring and summer it will be bad to warm up. Enough for him the area of 20-30 square meters with ice area of 6-8 square meters and a depth of 80 cm. Water should be clean, not contain chlorine. It is important that the fish could breathe. The saturation of the pond oxygen is one of the important points. He is allowed by means of pumps, the construction of the brook, the fountain, the cultivation of aquatic plants. At the bottom of the reservoir you can pour clean sand or gravel. This will allow the fish to bury themselves in the soil and hibernate until the spring thaw. Continue reading

Ornamental fish pond in the country

Private pond at the cottage or the area of a country house is a great place for summer evening relaxation after working days. Contemplation of water, even a very small pond brings so much pleasure and relaxation. Nice if he inhabited ornamental fish and aquatic vegetation. Garden plot immediately acquires individuality.

In order for your pond served as a decoration, its design must be approached intelligently. The pond should be decorated with decorative plants and have fish in it, because with their help you can plunge into the wonderful world of nature.

Comfortable conditions for keeping pond fish

The scheme of temperature distribution in the pond.

For ornamental fish in the pond feel comfortable, first of all, they need space. The depth of the reservoir should reach 1.5 meters. Water surface area is calculated from 30/40 sq cm for a specimen length of 10 cm from this and we must proceed, settling pond ornamental fish. Continue reading

Care and maintenance of fish in the pond

For the complete range of fish in country pond, its depth should be not less than 1.8 m. At lower depths the fish to hibernate outside of the pond, otherwise it will die. The danger to fish in a pond can make birds and cats, fish for them — the subject of hunting. To protect pond fish from birds, there are special floating pyramids or you can tighten the space above the pond grid. Obstacle cat will be a decorative fence (minimum height 150 mm), usually used for fencing flower beds. Feed the fish in the garden pond need a special food diet, depending on species. The number of feedings is determined based on the water temperature.
It is not recommended to feed the fish at a temperature of +10 C° intervals from +10 to +18C° should be fed once a day at temperatures of more than +18C° – several times a day. Feed in such amount that the fish would eat it within 5 minutes. For feeding in your absence, there are special automatic feeder.
Fish, like all living beings susceptible to various diseases. One of the main causes of outbreaks of disease in fish is stress that affects the immune system and reduces resistance to disease. Some causes of stress (examples) the carriage or transportation of fish -a temperature variation of, for example, in spring and autumn -ispoganili fish, for example, because soderzhaniia wrong species or because of the constant struggle of the hierarchical -frequent work in a pond, for example, redevelopment and reconstruction is the lack of a pond cover for fish -too strong excitement of water -unsuitable water parameters -incorrect use of chemical reagents Continue reading

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