“Golden fish” in garden pond

The recommended ponds reservoirs depth from 0.9 to 1.5 m and size 6 x 4 m. cultivation and breeding of carp or goldfish in the pond. even the small size, at his cottage – it is absolutely real!

Carp and carp are unpretentious representatives of the fish: they thrive and produce offspring in shallow warm without currents or with a small presence of reservoirs.

Yes, of course, well, if the pond is already there (the dam on the stream, fire pond, some fenced and cleared the drainage channel, etc.). And if there is none? In this case, the pond fish in the country you can dig up yourself. The recommended ponds reservoirs depth from 0.9 to 1.5 m and size 6 x 4 m. water In it will be a good warm up to a temperature of 24 to 26°, it will be the most favorable for pond fish in the garden felt quite comfortable. In this artificial reservoir may well be able to live a few dozen crucians up to 400 g and a couple carp bigger than that.

To grow and breed carp or goldfish in the pond, even of small size, in their own country, – it is absolutely real Continue reading

Piranha in the aquarium

There are many sorts of stories and even legends and myths about the bloodthirsty creature, about how the travelers were attacked by piranhas or when piranhas eat a huge beast the size of a bull for a few minutes.

What is a piranha?

Here’s what he wrote A. Newman in his book “Lungs of our planet”: “I reverently stared at the water ejected from Isidro fish. Small in size (15-20 cm in length), they do not produce special impression. Just take a look in it’s mouth, you know the reason for such a high “efficiency”: the jaws are lined with a thick row of teeth are serrated, like saws, the edges; these jaws they close with incredible force. To this must be added that by closing the jaws the upper teeth are exactly between the teeth of the bottom, allowing the fish like a razor to cut chunks of skin and meat from the body of the victim”.

Piranhas live in freshwater bodies of South America. Huge flocks to attack any prey, tearing pieces of meat from the victim’s body, tearing it, is the anatomical structure of the jaws and teeth of these predators. Piranhas, able to strip to the skeleton is quite a large animal, or for 10-20 seconds to break off a big fish. Continue reading

Why do sharks attack people?

Sharks afraid of everything. And those who talk about it, and those who, for various reasons, believes that it does not concern them. Not concerned, because in their rivers or bays such monsters not native and overseas resorts with live sharks or are located too far or inaccessible.

However, all episodes sharks always attract the attention of people. And most importantly, the number of events, when a person comes into contact with this predator, with time not decreasing, but rather, on the contrary, the number of incidents with varying degrees of outcome of the meeting is growing. Proof of this are already happened in the cases of shark attacks in 2012, among whom are fatal episodes.

In 2011 there were only 125 cases of contact between man and shark, of which only 17 ended in a human death. And while these 17 cases represent only 13% of the total, each episode causes a significant and strong reaction from the society.

Why do sharks attack people?

This issue is already not a secret, scientists and explorers of the ocean depths have given this phenomenon a detailed explanation. Continue reading

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"Golden fish" in garden pond
The recommended ponds reservoirs depth from 0.9 to 1.5 m and size 6 x 4 m. cultivation and breeding of carp or goldfish in the pond. even the small size,…

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