How to escape from sharks

Over the past 20 years shark attacks have occurred four times, the document says. “The attack is isolated, and therefore subject to control. To ensure the safety of tourists, the specialists from the office of nature reserves of Egypt have taken steps for early learning and to prevent shark attacks”, – noted in the Embassy of Egypt.

ichthyology of the biological faculty of Moscow state University Alexander Ovanesovitsch Cusumano about what threatens the meeting with the shark and how to protect yourself from possible unpleasant consequences of this meeting.

In Egypt, the shark attacked the man as is typical for sharks?

– You know, it’s not very typical. In General, cases of attacks by sharks on humans not so much, especially serious assaults that end in serious injuries or death. I don’t remember exactly, but I came across statistics for any given year of the late 90s or early 2000 that in the world of reliable shark attacks per year were registered about a hundred. You can imagine that in Moscow from attack dogs more people suffering than around the world from shark attacks. So it is, in General, is not very typical, it happens quite rarely. Continue reading

Atlantic garfish in the waters of the Black sea

The economic crisis of the early 1990s. simple factories had a positive impact on improving the environment of the Black sea is the habitat of many fish species which have become rare even in the 1970s. If the earlier garfish catches have met quite rarely. And today garfish . previously found pretty rarely, became one of the most popular objects of Amateur fishing on the black sea coast.

Atlantic garfish in the waters of the Black sea usually grows up to 70 cm and reaches a weight of 300-400 g. This gregarious predator, which constitute the main food various small fish, mainly ferina – fish similar to the anchovy (scientifically – silversides). The shape of the body resembles something of a cross between a fish and eel needle: long, flexible body covered with small silvery scales. A characteristic feature are very outstretched jaw and beak studded with small teeth, making it similar to a swordfish or Marlin.And although he concedes the size of the legendary corsairs of the southern seas, aggressiveness and restlessness in pursuit of prey can safely compete. Fishing for garfish on the black sea coast starts around July and continues until the frosts in November / December. If the summer of garfish are caught only sporadically and, as a rule, medium-sized, in the fall of a dozen toothy predators are a normal catch. It was at this time organized taiarana start the season on Perino that strays in ima. This small, 7-10 cm fish is the best bait for “black pike”, often referred to as the garfish, so it is with catching Fe-Rina begins the hunt for garfish. Perino caught using lift, light float rod (bait – a piece of mussels, shrimp) and a mini-tyrant (two to five hooks № 2,5-3 national classification, are equipped with white wool with shiny thread). The presence Perini in the area of fishing is one of the prerequisites of successful fishing. Continue reading

Feeding aquarium fish

КFor all Pets, big role in health and a full life is played by the correct chosen food. Aquarium fish is not an exception. Therefore, the feeding of aquarium fish should be balanced and focused on the type and age of the fish. Because the material for the skeletal structure and the formation energy of fish are exclusively supplied from forages.

In the natural environment of each species of fish adapts to eating a certain type of feed produced in these circumstances.

Food preferences of adult fish

Small invertebrates (mostly aquarium fish). Smaller fish (predatory fish). Vegetable food. Misc food.

The composition of the fish diet in nature varies depending on the environmental conditions of their residence. In need of fish may well compromise in their preferences and is a favorite forage to consume what is available.

This adaptive capacity of fish usually are widely used by aquarists, is a variety of food, having a place in the natural ponds, giving the fish the same kind of food. Continue reading

Feeding aquarium fish
For all Pets, big role in health and a full life is played by the correct chosen food. Aquarium fish is not an exception. Therefore, the feeding of aquarium fish…

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Tactics of search of predatory fish.
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Business plan breeding fish
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