Question and answer on the care and maintenance.

The key to a healthy aquarium – the right choice of its inhabitants and care for them. This will be devoted to several topics, including how to choose and set up an aquarium, what should be the soil, plants and more. When buying aquarium fish it is important to remember the fact that, as you would not like the diversity of sizes and colors, to accommodate in one “room” best fish of the same species or closely related. Before purchasing, carefully review the alleged habits of the Pets, not that your chosen species eat each other

It turns out that our aquarium fish are not so simple. The first fish appeared about 300 million years ago – it was one of the first vertebrates. Fish, the most ancient group of vertebrates. The variety of fish amazing – in a class of fish includes about twenty thousand species, but in aquariums, mostly inhabited by bony fish. It’s not any special selection, but the fact that almost all modern fish can be attributed to that unit.

Breeding fish to start, of course, with the selection of the aquarium. At the moment on sale you can find containers made of plastic or glass. In operation they are quite equal, so each of them has its pros and cons.For example, the aquarium glass is not scratched during cleaning, but glass is easy beats, and as a result of long contact with water on the glass, a layer of lye. Plastic aquarium safer from two points of view: first, it does not break, and secondly, the risk that caviar is fish in it will die, tends to zero. However, plastic aquarium hard to clean, because one wrong move scraper can cause unsightly scratches, which will ruin the entire experience. Continue reading

Plants for aquarium

Aquarium decorated with plants, turns into a unique piece of furniture. From it is simply impossible to look away. So that the plants in the aquarium is needed, no doubt. Question – which is better?

In any pet store attracted the attention of artificial plants, made specifically for aquariums. They often look “better than real”, they are often combined with some interesting decorative detail, like a sunken ship. They have a number of advantages:

they do not die of old age and poor conditions. Quality options for years retain color and elasticity;

they will not suffer, even if they pull from the soil. As you like to frequently change the design at its discretion ;

they are inedible for fish ;

they will not grow, filling the aquarium as a whole;

if necessary, they are easy to clean away algae . Continue reading

Care and maintenance of fish in the pond

For the complete range of fish in country pond, its depth should be not less than 1.8 m. At lower depths the fish to hibernate outside of the pond, otherwise it will die. The danger to fish in a pond can make birds and cats, fish for them — the subject of hunting. To protect pond fish from birds, there are special floating pyramids or you can tighten the space above the pond grid. Obstacle cat will be a decorative fence (minimum height 150 mm), usually used for fencing flower beds. Feed the fish in the garden pond need a special food diet, depending on species. The number of feedings is determined based on the water temperature.
It is not recommended to feed the fish at a temperature of +10 C° intervals from +10 to +18C° should be fed once a day at temperatures of more than +18C° – several times a day. Feed in such amount that the fish would eat it within 5 minutes. For feeding in your absence, there are special automatic feeder.
Fish, like all living beings susceptible to various diseases. One of the main causes of outbreaks of disease in fish is stress that affects the immune system and reduces resistance to disease. Some causes of stress (examples) the carriage or transportation of fish -a temperature variation of, for example, in spring and autumn -ispoganili fish, for example, because soderzhaniia wrong species or because of the constant struggle of the hierarchical -frequent work in a pond, for example, redevelopment and reconstruction is the lack of a pond cover for fish -too strong excitement of water -unsuitable water parameters -incorrect use of chemical reagents Continue reading

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Types of pond plants
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Types of pond plants
Lilies. Lilies are children of the sun. At least five hours a day they should be under his warming rays, to show all its beauty. Individual flowers remain open for…

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