Useful properties of fish marine language

Marine fish with a funny name “sole” refers to delicatessen products. If you use the ichthyological characteristics, nature is about 40 genera of Sea languages. These fish body has an oblong, leaf-like shape. They are common in the seas of tropical and subtropical areas. Scientific classification of the Sea language belongs to the class of ray-finned fish, flatfish squad, solievich family, genus, Sea languages (Solea), a seemingly ordinary nautical language. Some scientists believe the sole of the superfamily, in which there are two families: right (Soleidae) and left (Cynoglossidae). “Sole” in the genus name of these fish means “soles”in Latin, since the shape resembles a Sea of languages a Shoe sole. And the Sea the language was initially named the fish is Dover sole, which was delivered from the eponymous English town in London restaurants. Then to try dishes from this fish could only local aristocrats. Later the name of the sole spread to other species of this genus that have elongated, leaf-like shape. Beautiful and unusual sounds and short name of the language of the Sea “Fish Salt” derived from the word Sole. Today we will talk about useful properties of fish Marine language.

Thus, the shape of a fish sea tongue elongated,similar to the leaf of the tree. Scales he’s rough on that side, which the fish regards the sea bottom, and lighter coloring. On the upper side color is dark grey and no stiffness. Continue reading

The fish of the sea.

All attempts of modern nutritionists to identify in the field of nutrition the most mysterious and helpful product, the use of which would lead to the enviable health and longevity, is doomed to failure. Such a product cannot be in virtue of the fact that nature has taken care that such useful products has been a great diversity and that most of them are useful for the human body or another of its formulations. And it is great!

On the other hand, it is no secret that we eat a lot of useless or marginally useful food because of its dietary preferences. So, what foods are considered to rank the most useful?

The list of such products cannot be limited to even them up a dozen, because each of them is useful for a particular organ of our body. That’s why it is so important to a balanced and varied diet, simply speaking, there is a need, but slowly

What are the benefits of fish

Nutritionists and specialists-cardiologists found that one of the most useful products for the heart and blood vessels are seafood . including marine and freshwater fish . due to the content of iodine, calcium. phosphorus and so useful omega – three polyunsaturated acids. Clinically proven that eating fish twice a week reduces by 30% the risk of occurrence and development of heart disease and protects them from atherosclerosis. Protein contents (useful protein) with fish not sravnitsa one product. Continue reading

Work at home — breeding aquarium fish

If you in the childhood was fond of aquarium fish and the aquarium have more and now, this hobby can be developed into an interesting work at home for women. Of course, need some attachments, but if you’re not planning a large production, and a lot of money to spend is not necessary.


The truth will have to accept the fact that you are constantly supervised will be many living creatures cannot long to leave. But, if you are ready for this, this business idea should come to your taste.

Breeding aquarium fish for beginners

If experience in breeding aquarium fish you have, then you should start with the basics. First, select for breeding the most unpretentious fish, is viviparous species type swordtails, guppies and mollies. They tolerate errors in the content, readily breed and produce offspring almost every month (60 to 200 fry). The fry are also undemanding and do not require any special care. You can sell them in 2-3 months. Unpretentious almost as many breeds of goldfish. Imenno this reason these fish are often sold in the bird markets. Continue reading

The construction of ponds and lakes
About technology The arrangement of the reservoir for fish production is significantly different from how built swimming pools or ornamental ponds artificial, because it often involves different technologies and equipment.…

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Piranha in the aquarium
There are many sorts of stories and even legends and myths about the bloodthirsty creature, about how the travelers were attacked by piranhas or when piranhas eat a huge beast…

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The contents of predatory fish species with peaceful
Quite not the usual and controversial article I'll write, and forgive me the guru of aquarium, if my knowledge and experience will not coincide with someone's views. But I came…

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