The fish of the sea.

All attempts of modern nutritionists to identify in the field of nutrition the most mysterious and helpful product, the use of which would lead to the enviable health and longevity, is doomed to failure. Such a product cannot be in virtue of the fact that nature has taken care that such useful products has been a great diversity and that most of them are useful for the human body or another of its formulations. And it is great!

On the other hand, it is no secret that we eat a lot of useless or marginally useful food because of its dietary preferences. So, what foods are considered to rank the most useful?

The list of such products cannot be limited to even them up a dozen, because each of them is useful for a particular organ of our body. That’s why it is so important to a balanced and varied diet, simply speaking, there is a need, but slowly

What are the benefits of fish

Nutritionists and specialists-cardiologists found that one of the most useful products for the heart and blood vessels are seafood . including marine and freshwater fish . due to the content of iodine, calcium. phosphorus and so useful omega – three polyunsaturated acids. Clinically proven that eating fish twice a week reduces by 30% the risk of occurrence and development of heart disease and protects them from atherosclerosis. Protein contents (useful protein) with fish not sravnitsa one product. Continue reading

Description of fish: Grayling

GRAYLING (Thymallus thymallus) and European grayling differs from other species of the genus a small mouth, i.e. (upper jaw does not go beyond front edge of eye). The teeth in the jaws very weak, almost imperceptible, Gill rakers 20 to 29. Its color is very bright: back and upper sides of small round black spots, on flanks brownish longitudinal stripes. The paired fins are yellow or red, Gypsy purple, on dorsal fin quadrangular bright spots arranged in rows. Marriage dress is reflected in the brightening of the color. In males, it also increases the height of the rear part of the dorsal fin. Size grayling does not exceed 50 cm, weight is usually 0.5 to 1 kg, but marked case of capture instance 4675 Distributed in G. the European grayling is widely. Its range encompasses almost the whole of Europe — from France, England, Germany, Denmark, Scandinavia and Finland to the Ural mountains. To the South it goes to Switzerland, Danube Delta and the Dniester, in the upper reaches of the Volga and the Urals.

No grayling only in the basins of the Dnieper, don, Kuban, Crimea and the Caucasus. Wherever there is a common grayling, he prefers fast rivers with clear water, where the pit (Bocage) alternate with rapids. In some places he goes and in lakes Ladoga, Onega, and Imandra, accutane spawning occurs in the river. Grayling of our North often leaves space in estuarine rivers (Kara lip) and some where found in quantities sufficient for commercial fishing. Grayling, in General, is a predatory fish, Continue reading

Catfish, grown in a closed system

We carried out the experiment, the essence of which is as follows:

We went to the nearest market in Moscow (in this case – Timiryazevskaya) and bought ice cream salmon and cream Astrakhan sturgeon. After that we went to a supermarket “Ramstor” and bought a live carp and sturgeon, picked up their live catfish, better fed. All the samples deposited in Test Center Food Products, Food Raw materials, Feedstuffs, Soil, Agrochemicals and Water GCAS “Moscow”. The test results are shown below.

A similar experiment you can do in the city, such tests can make public health services (SES). Note that in a private firm with a license it may be cheaper.

Tests 1 fish Tests fish Tests 1 fish 2 fish 2 Tests

Note: to read a description of the pictures, click on the picture and read the text at the bottom.

What conclusions can be drawn. Continue reading

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