How to escape from sharks

Over the past 20 years shark attacks have occurred four times, the document says. “The attack is isolated, and therefore subject to control. To ensure the safety of tourists, the specialists from the office of nature reserves of Egypt have taken steps for early learning and to prevent shark attacks”, – noted in the Embassy of Egypt.

ichthyology of the biological faculty of Moscow state University Alexander Ovanesovitsch Cusumano about what threatens the meeting with the shark and how to protect yourself from possible unpleasant consequences of this meeting.

In Egypt, the shark attacked the man as is typical for sharks?

– You know, it’s not very typical. In General, cases of attacks by sharks on humans not so much, especially serious assaults that end in serious injuries or death. I don’t remember exactly, but I came across statistics for any given year of the late 90s or early 2000 that in the world of reliable shark attacks per year were registered about a hundred. You can imagine that in Moscow from attack dogs more people suffering than around the world from shark attacks. So it is, in General, is not very typical, it happens quite rarely. Continue reading

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