Ornamental fish pond in the country

Private pond at the cottage or the area of a country house is a great place for summer evening relaxation after working days. Contemplation of water, even a very small pond brings so much pleasure and relaxation. Nice if he inhabited ornamental fish and aquatic vegetation. Garden plot immediately acquires individuality.

In order for your pond served as a decoration, its design must be approached intelligently. The pond should be decorated with decorative plants and have fish in it, because with their help you can plunge into the wonderful world of nature.

Comfortable conditions for keeping pond fish

The scheme of temperature distribution in the pond.

For ornamental fish in the pond feel comfortable, first of all, they need space. The depth of the reservoir should reach 1.5 meters. Water surface area is calculated from 30/40 sq cm for a specimen length of 10 cm from this and we must proceed, settling pond ornamental fish.

The following conditions for active life of the pond is the oxygen saturation. In stagnant, littered the pond is putrid decomposition with evolution of hydrogen sulfide, which is detrimental to sahajyoga. Therefore, it is desirable that the water in the pond constantly circularities, working fountains, artificial waterfalls. If it is not provided during construction, you can use compressor or forced aeration. You should regularly clean the pond of dead plants, fallen leaves and other debris.

In a fairly deep basin in the presence of pits for the winter, some fish species, e.g. carp, tench, can stay in the winter. But for this we must constantly do in the ice hole to the oxygen. Some gardeners, in order to facilitate this work, freeze in ice cane. Hollow stems freely pass inside the reservoir the air.

Ornamental fish in the pond love to bask in the shallows in the warm water, so the pond should have shallow, warmed by sun damage. Also you need to take care about compatibility, accommodation of different species of fish. For example, carp can eat more small fish, it should be considered when settling. And finally, fish like to feast on the vegetation, so you need to put the different pond algae and aquatic plants.

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Best of breed pond fish

Now there is no problem to buy any live fish. In pet stores large selection of this life. There will pack the fish in bags with water and can be transported even to distant lands.

Before releasing their permanent place of residence, the package with the fish holding it in the pond about two hours.

Diagram of the pond with aurantia.

The water temperature in the bag and in the pond will be balanced, and only then to release Pets into the open space of the pond.

Decorative Japanese carp — koi, a beautiful representative of the family Cyprinidae. Attracts a variety of bright colors of fish scales — red, white, black, yellow. When crossing out the fry with the new coloring. For koi need a fairly deep and large pond, they are very voracious and rapidly gaining weight. Like to dig in the bottom mud of a pond, eat vegetation and small fish. It is interesting that become accustomed to humans and can eat food, almost out of the hands of the owner.

Orfe — can grow from little fish to half-meter size. So, the pond needs spacious. Incredibly beautiful Golden color, shining in the sun, is a beautiful sight. Moreover, the IDE likes to hunt for insects on the water surface and often appears on the surface. Eats lots of plant food and it clears the pond from unnecessary shoots.

The scheme of connection of the floating skimmer to the filtration system.

Minnow is a beautiful schooling fish. Can exist only in the company of their own kind, so it is better to take several of these individuals. Scales with brown patterns creates an interesting combination of highlights and shades. During spawning the males acquire additional colors of red-green color. A flock of iridescent glitter expensive fish, scurrying around the reservoir, create the perfect mood.

Goldfish is considered to be a resident of the aquarium. But as shown, it feels great in the summer pond, and even perfectly reproduced. I have to control the size of the settlement, and to restrain the growth of their population. The various color scales: red, black, yellow, white.

Verhovka relatively modest small fish. Likes gregarious way of life, so we need to populate them with several individuals of this species. Shiny silver scales of these fish is so great in the water surface of the pond. These fish love to hide in the thickets of seaweed, so the presence of aquatic sure.

Bleak — a rapid swimmer. Requires a fairly large area of the pond, though small, not more than 10 cm Very quickly gets used to human presence and not paying attention to him, warp back and forth on the water surface.

Carp and carp are among the most undemanding of fishes. This species adapts well to any conditions of the reservoir.

Carp is the most unpretentious inhabitant of stagnant water. Grows to 25 cm in length, may remain to winter, likes to collect near-bottom food.

In addition to the fish in the pond can settle cancers. They need to feel comfortable on the bottom, place the rocks and driftwood. Crawfish feed on forage residues after the fish, leaves, algae, then clean the reservoir from pollution.

Snails also work as janitors, eating dead plants, slippery coating on rocks and sheets of seaweed. Is to monitor the number of individuals, their overpopulation is not desirable, as they are with a lack of forage can consume the leaves of healthy plants, up to their complete disappearance.

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