Question and answer on the care and maintenance.

The key to a healthy aquarium – the right choice of its inhabitants and care for them. This will be devoted to several topics, including how to choose and set up an aquarium, what should be the soil, plants and more. When buying aquarium fish it is important to remember the fact that, as you would not like the diversity of sizes and colors, to accommodate in one “room” best fish of the same species or closely related. Before purchasing, carefully review the alleged habits of the Pets, not that your chosen species eat each other

It turns out that our aquarium fish are not so simple. The first fish appeared about 300 million years ago – it was one of the first vertebrates. Fish, the most ancient group of vertebrates. The variety of fish amazing – in a class of fish includes about twenty thousand species, but in aquariums, mostly inhabited by bony fish. It’s not any special selection, but the fact that almost all modern fish can be attributed to that unit.

Breeding fish to start, of course, with the selection of the aquarium. At the moment on sale you can find containers made of plastic or glass. In operation they are quite equal, so each of them has its pros and cons.For example, the aquarium glass is not scratched during cleaning, but glass is easy beats, and as a result of long contact with water on the glass, a layer of lye. Plastic aquarium safer from two points of view: first, it does not break, and secondly, the risk that caviar is fish in it will die, tends to zero. However, plastic aquarium hard to clean, because one wrong move scraper can cause unsightly scratches, which will ruin the entire experience.

Aquariums recommend buying a rectangular shape. They are more convenient to handle, in addition, some fish poorly adapted in round aquariums. Calculation of displacement is done by multiplying the number of centimeters of the body of the fish to 1 litre. But don’t buy the container from considerations of minimum in aquariums is not the size of the fish do not grow quickly wither and refuse to reproduce. Along with the aquarium be sure to purchased working tools: net, compressor, filter,, lamp, bird feeder, thermometer, heater.

Many beginners wonder whether in the aquarium soil? Especially for them to note that the soil in the aquarium need not so much beauty, how much from a practical point of view. The soil acts as a water filter. Before placement into the aquarium the soil, and is usually gravel or coarse river sand, clean and destroy harmful microorganisms. The coating layer should be about ten millimetres in the front are more subtle than the back. Fish love to RUB on rough ground belly and rummage in it – it’s part of their exercise, without which they will very well feel.

When light is already defined, you must set aquarium heater. For fish, most of which came from the tropics, the water temperature should be set once and for all, and not to be subjected to vibrations, regardless of the time of year. Off batteries of heating, total cooling, drafts – all this should not affect the water temperature. The optimum temperature is about 18 degrees Celsius. Standard heaters for aquariums with a capacity of 50-100 litres must be a power of from 30 to 60 watts. Don’t forget that some species of fish require daily replacement of water. Not do in the aquarium without aerator, enriching the water with oxygen.

For the normal functioning of an aquarium it is necessary to install lighting. The fact that no living being cannot live without sufficient lighting fish, and other inhabitants of the aquarium is no exception. The lighting calculation is conducted by formula one litre of water per watt of lighting power. To overdo it in this case too it is impossible, as water may bloom. The aquarium should be lighted at least ten hours a day. Basically, lighting can be combined with heating – for this is the inner light. Most often, the aquariums light bulb is attached to the front glass where the light is aimed at the back wall.

Special attention should be paid to selection of plants and animals in the aquarium. For example, for spawning aquariums generally recommended to “plant” artificial vegetation along with lively. The thing is that on live algae caviar remains worse, but, on the other hand, without the plant food and oxygen evolved by plants, fish can easily die. More detail on the choice of plants and the property of each species of aquatic living creatures we will stop later.

Nicely, before you breed fish you need to consult with experienced people, to see the aquarium in his room, to understand who you want to see in it and decide whether you are ready to deal with this at the moment. Some beginners mistakenly believe that fish are the most silent, and therefore the most undemanding Pets, so treat them casually. As a result – sick animals, flowering water, decaying plants. Treat the fish and they seriously do not get tired to please you!

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