Sharks – the most famous fish

According to foreign media reports on the South West coast of Australia once again have a case of shark attack on humans. On the morning of November 23, 2013 on the beach near the city of Greytown (state of Western Australia, 270 km from Perth) found the body of 20-year-old surfer, with the wounds left by the teeth of the shark (or sharks).

Water sports


Those who have seen the shark, floating in the silent and majestic blue sea or ocean, forever remember that monumental sight, causing and admiration and fear at the same time.

There is something supernatural in the sudden appearance and graceful gliding in the water. The shark, like the Queen of the underwater ballet, twist around your conscience is the web beautiful, and at the same time, frightening force.

Here is a mixture of ritual death, beauty, perfect body proportions, and chilling horror of despair, when the predator unexpectedly and confidently head in your direction.

Her body flowing in the water, swaying slightly, his head smoothly rotates in one direction and then in the other side, the fins are subject to the General rhythm of movement. The power of her muscles tysjacheletij stress wrinkles running through the body with every movement. Glass totally devoid of thoughts and feelings eyes, she coolly watching every move of the prey or enemy.

Shark absolutely does not represent threats or aggression, but you already feel the instinctive terror that consumes your consciousness at the look of this machine a perfect murder.

Seasoned divers know that should the predator decide to attack and break the fragile line of defense, after the first bite there will be other sharks, attracted by the smell of blood and easy prey. They suddenly emerge from the darkness of depth or rapidly slicing through the blades of the fins, the surface of the sea, will sail from nearby hunting grounds. And then comes, indeed, a terrible spectacle – a fight over a piece of flesh, a wild whirlwind of blazing bodies resembling a mixture of bloody show with a tornado of terrible strength.

Sharks and people.

Perhaps shark is the most known and famous all over the world to fish. We can assume that someone didn’t heard about the perch, someone has never seen a pike and don’t even know what it is, but sharks knows the young and old in any country. Too many stories – true and tall tales pass from mouth to mouth human word about these amazing animals.

And what is most striking is the sharks all know, but how often this knowledge is far from reality and fact!

Some do not even know that the shark is just a fish, someone does not consider her an animal, someone in the subconscious settled the image of a ruthless and cruel Ogre who, in the sea doesn’t Bode well.

Website about sharks.

This website aims to illuminate dark places in knowledge of the average person about the amazing and still largely mysterious predator who had climbed to the top of the food chain in the ocean, coordinating the development of the entire oceanic life and can have a huge impact on the entire biosphere of the planet.

This web site tells about how, when and why sharks have appeared in nature, and how their body operates, how dangerous these predators are to humans, and many other interesting things currently known to mankind about sharks.

Here you can find out why dangerous slaughter of sharks for the nature of the whole planet, what benefit can a man derive from coexistence with them. And those who are fond of aquariums, you can find useful information about the maintenance of sharks in captivity.

And, of course, here you will find information on the many available in our time, the shark species, their distinctive characteristics, habitats, habits and potential danger to humans.

But for those who thinks he knows about the inhabitants of the sea enough to be invited to participate in the contest “Interesting ichthyology”. For winners of promotional prizes and cash!

History, stories, facts and myths.

On the website you can read amazing stories and stories that involved sharks. The coexistence of these fish with a man accompanied by many legends and myths, some of which you can find on the pages of the site.

For many centuries mankind co-existed along with the sharks, but only a relatively recent communication with them has become closer and more long-lasting. The ability to easily move a person from one country to another, from one continent to another, has led to the fact that many people have the opportunity to relax and spend time where they feel most comfortable – on the beautiful shores of the warm and caressing seas, oceans, bays. Water sports – diving, surfing, etc. began to develop relatively recently, and many fans also rushed to the sea.

But often the places chosen by people for recreation and entertainment, for millions of years mastered for living sharks, and the mass intrusion of man into their habitat and hunting grounds could not do without incident, sometimes with dire consequences for any party.

Here you can find information about such cases, their causes and consequences.

If any of the information presented on the pages of the site you feel is incorrect, please inform the creators of the site.

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