Tactics of search of predatory fish.

In this publication we are not talking about any specific models of fishing rods, reels or lures for fishing spinning reel as it was before, and I once again will refer to this method of fishing as a jig. and describe the tactics of search of predatory fish in the fall.

I would like to say that all the experience I received on the rivers and lakes of Sumy region, i.e. some of the situations and moments will not coincide with that of the other regions of our Fatherland. The main object of jigging in the fall are full of walleye, pike and big perch, so your article will write, focusing on catching these fish.

And so. What caused the move of a predator? Well, let’s say, back in September on the beaches and shallows with the success of “shot” with pike and perch, and in October they are already there much less. Or, for example, snag that summer chose Chub, IDE and ASP, autumn has become a haven for big perch and big Chub here there are almost none. There are so many answers.

The first thing that affects the movement of a predator is a lowering of the temperature of the water. Forage base – Malek – departs from the shoreline to great depths, clinging to the bottom, thus leading to a toothed and striped. On this factor, incidentally, also affect forage base of fry – fewer natural animal feed because of soil freezing, propedeutical substances of plants.

The next factor is the water level rise in rivers. Those places that used to have a depth of half a meter, deepening abruptly to 1.5-2 meters.

And an example with snags – for example, previously, there was a depth of 60-70 cm There kept Chub, collecting bugs, and the larvae falling into the water. With the rising water level part batopilas snags, forage base Chub decreased significantly. Lobato has left already not promising for him point, going in search of another, more profitable. This place, after it leaves the predator (Chub is renowned for its predatory abilities), which regularly destroyed the stuff that was there. This anomaly is also slipping Malek Beli, who finds refuge in the wilds of sunken bushes or trees, and food, as its forage base coast has dried up.

Behind the movement of fodder from here out perch with pike, moving into deeper places with room for improvement in the snags, as necessary predators attack from ambush or from the environment where the victim will not see the hunter. How out of all this factor is the cleaning or Vice versa, the blockage of the pits. For example, when the jig at this place in August, to raise water, there was relief with specific margins, without snags. And after raising the water level of a stream brings junk in the form of snags and other debris littered the edge of the branches – is a predatory fish and kept such places. Sometimes I get Zander and big perch with such strong places, where he spent more than 20 installations…

Now let us look more specifically to characterize places where the likelihood of catching predatory fish on the jig fall to the most possible.

The snags under the beach (not “deaf” is normal possible fishing). Than it resembles the famous flipping and is actively used by fishing enthusiasts bass. Usually in such places to hold a good sized perch, pike sometimes. The depth of such places varies from 1 to 4-5 meters.

As I described above, in such places there is a certain concentration trivia Beli, which attracts bass. With regards to weights – are used depending on the depth, presence and strength of the current. Mostly in places I prefer offset hooks, in order to reduce the likelihood of a hook. In such places work well Texas and drop shot.

Work far and near the brow . I met a lot of interesting places on the Seim and Desna, where the bottom topography was approximately here so:

At point 1, the depth is from 8 to 11 meters, near the edge (point 2) very often there were piles of driftwood and branches. At point 3 there were some elevation in the form of hillocks with a depth of 2 meters and the plot was interesting with the slip of big perch near the drop off in depth and the feed passage. The middle pit (point 4) had a depth in the neighborhood of 3-4 meters. Angler is at point 5. At point 4 was possible to find small flocks of striped small size, but at point 1 was present “provoca” pike, walleye, trophy bass. The only problem in such conditions was the need for accuracy when casting. The bait had to be put almost at the shore, that would not miss the far edge, which, by the way, has little width, and marusawa bait, which is abandoned far from the opposite shore, just passed the pit itself, thus touching the bottom already on the rise (near the brow) and never got into the field of view depth of a predator. Also sometimes I had to use loads a lot more weight, as the main working area was the far edge, when you lift the 3 point tackle was just exhausted for the next cast (if point 3 had to perch-this point fished first). Often had to use the offset, as the presence of snags quickly destroyed stockpiles of baits and hinges.

The confluence of a brook, stream, reclamation, adjusting the Bay .

Very promising place, usually in such places is pit, and the white fish is kept in fresh water. Such places should always arouse the interest of the angler, as the terrain can be very unexpected – the shallows, and immediately a sharp decline in depth.

A lone snag . In this situation, I mean lying in the middle of the river/lake a lone tree or Bush. The depth does not exceed 2-3 meters.

Sometimes a place can bring a pike or okushko, but places such as the rules, do not bring great results – takes the protection of the territory (the predator won’t let another predator in its territory, with availability of forage and not so great).

I wasn’t trying to describe classic situations that met each of the spinners. I was just trying to tell you about the anomalies that attract fish and, of course, fishing. But many horsemen are doing something wrong, thereby missing promising place, naturally disappointed in it. And it was in one of those places you can feel one of those bites that makes tremble the legs and throw in the adrenaline rush!

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