The contents of predatory fish species with peaceful

Quite not the usual and controversial article I’ll write, and forgive me the guru of aquarium, if my knowledge and experience will not coincide with someone’s views.

But I came face to face with the requests of hobbyists (beginner aquarists) to talk about how all the same to combine predatory fish species with a more peaceful species. So.


First you need to understand one simple truth, a predator always a predator and how many wolves do not feed, he always looks to the forest. And please accept it as an axiom. At the same time, a peaceful breed of fish are those fish who are accustomed to survive among such neighbors, whereby they had either camouflage or frightening coloration, the ability to hide well, a number of instincts how to survive in their environment.

But. If we average the factors for the content of these opposite groups of symbiosis of course not be able to get along but in some cases they can.

Let’s start with the predators

Because they dominate the focus will be on them. Predators don’t just attack peaceful fish and his brothers.

Fish attack the others when a number of factors among which are the following:

For food, ( lack of food)

When the territorial carve-up,

During spawning, to protect the offspring.

If fish of the same sex (natural selection)

Estestvennogo not all factors. And you can’t predict the behavior of fish when she’s just attacking smaller fish for some reason ( instinct), these fishes can be attributed, Kalamata, som shifters, amatitlania cichlids and some other fish.

Note the author. Watched Kalamit. once in the aquarium goupille killed more than 50 individuals in just a few seconds, not because I was hungry, and it is not clear for what reason, was also a witness as a small shifter. for the night was to pluck absolutely adult angelfish being fed. Amatitlania cichlids killed labio. and do it quite instinctively.

Therefore, to combine cohabitation with predators other fish, particularly care must be taken not to create the precipitating factors of predatory inhabitants.

First of all, it should be sufficient volume of the aquarium.


If you decide in a 50 l aquarium, to the “pate” from a dozen fish to settle peaceful couple small lambardo, believe me, even these little cute rascals with a time of torment all your life.


If you can discern your fish, male/female, not podnesite to peaceful fish it a couple of predators, and especially family. It is best in this case to put some females. Yes they are not as pretty as males, but will not make a “cock wars”, although not the fact that eventually one of the females becomes a male.


Fish is the only fish that will fit in her mouth.

Try, what would the neighbors were too small or had attractive color with delicate scales, neons, cardinals, shrimps…

The predator needs to be fed, then he has less incentive to attack other fish, it proves many facts about animals .

A variety of food, predators are usually raised for food in the lower and middle layers of the water while other fish may be taken at the surface and in the middle layers, so using a different feed you can well disperse Pets during feeding and not to cause aggression.

Enough shelters and safe havens

Well, here I think everything is clear, the more places to hide thickets of plants. Driftwood, caves, and other shelter, the comfort feels the predator, and the peaceful fish have somewhere to hide.

Water temperature, water composition

Of course, the water temperature change and change in composition may cause the reaction of predators to spawn, then suffering is not something that a peaceful fish, but everyone else. So try that at the moment of replacement water. On the contrary, the temperature was one degree below the principal, and the temperature of the contents ranged on the lower threshold for these fish.

* * *

But most importantly how to succeed in the content of different species of fish, of course, lies in their content from an early age.

Just like you can train your kitten to live with the mouse, and other incompatible animals can be tamed to live together with different kinds of fish.

Naturally the percentage on survival peaceful fish with this method content is greatly increased.

But. it is not a panacea or a guarantor, that upon reaching sexual maturity, or some other precipitating factors, small fish will not feed or will not be swamped by large.

Not infrequently observed such a case, when with a scalar from an early age grown neons, and the idyll ended when it was hoisted a few individuals with other neons.

Eventually the whole pack was murdered by predators in a very short period of time.

Hard to understand what provoked this behavior of predators, it is likely that other fish put in the water, enzymes, or other substances which brought in the predators and their instincts provoked such a reaction, but the result was sad.

I will try to summarize above.

If you felt the need to hold together different species of fish, or this is another good reason, first of all, come with knowledge about what conditions fish need and what do they cause aggression. If initially, your plan failed. Start keeping fish with single individuals, and podnesite predators to peaceful fish, and not Vice versa, try to do it in the hours of Vespers, before turning the lights off in the aquarium. Fish relocation is shocked and the time that is needed for adaptation and habituation, as to the environment, and neighbors.

Whenever possible, use partitions, grids, or banks, for visual contact and adaptation of fish, the addictive fish to the neighbors.

At the slightest threat or harassment otkryvaite fish in different tanks, and not expect a fiasco.

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