The fish of the sea.

All attempts of modern nutritionists to identify in the field of nutrition the most mysterious and helpful product, the use of which would lead to the enviable health and longevity, is doomed to failure. Such a product cannot be in virtue of the fact that nature has taken care that such useful products has been a great diversity and that most of them are useful for the human body or another of its formulations. And it is great!

On the other hand, it is no secret that we eat a lot of useless or marginally useful food because of its dietary preferences. So, what foods are considered to rank the most useful?

The list of such products cannot be limited to even them up a dozen, because each of them is useful for a particular organ of our body. That’s why it is so important to a balanced and varied diet, simply speaking, there is a need, but slowly

What are the benefits of fish

Nutritionists and specialists-cardiologists found that one of the most useful products for the heart and blood vessels are seafood . including marine and freshwater fish . due to the content of iodine, calcium. phosphorus and so useful omega – three polyunsaturated acids. Clinically proven that eating fish twice a week reduces by 30% the risk of occurrence and development of heart disease and protects them from atherosclerosis. Protein contents (useful protein) with fish not sravnitsa one product.

Additionally, unsaturated fats included in it, neutralize all harmful effects from consuming unwholesome products us.

More useful is the marine fish, it is more fatty and contains more polyunsaturated acids and iodine, and in freshwater more phosphorus. Good in this respect, salmon fish, and for the average Russian is always available and very loved by herring and capelin, which in its value is not inferior to salmon brothers. Moreover are the four most useful species of fish . herring, mackerel, capelin, salmon , and in that order. Naturally caught from sea and not bred in fish farms.

Frequent eating of herring replaces bad cholesterol to good, improves the condition of the vessel walls, the vessels become more elastic, improving their ability krovopotera.

The constant presence of fish in our diet reduces the concentration of oxidation products contained in the blood plasma and the antioxidants fight cancerous tumors. However, the mechanism of this action is not yet fully understood.

The composition of fish

In marine fish the following composition:

protein – 12-23g,

fat – 0,9–21G,

vitamin D – 2-MCH,

vitamin A – 0,02–0,12,

thiamine – 0,11–0,33,

pyridoxine – 0,11–0,42,

iron – 0,3-7,2 mg,

magnesium – 20-190 mg,

cobalt – 3,5-32,4 mcg,

phosphorus – 120-430 mg,

iodine – 0,20–915 μg,

calcium 100-400 mg depending on varieties.

To the body more calcium was received from fish, it is recommended to use fish canned food, the bone into which the softened and easily processed by the body. By the way, it is scientifically proven that in canned fish more polyunsaturated fatty acids polyunsaturated fatty acids than fresh fish due to the fact that when heated, is evaporated from fish water and short of polyunsaturated acids.

The average caloric content of fish is 88 kcal per 100 g. This value corresponds to the Beluga, Ersu, herring, flounder . There are slightly more calories than fish ( halibut, Pacific herring ) are less ( haddock, cod ). Caloric caviar fish, especially salmonids, its caloric content is about 220-240 kcal/100g.

Unfortunately, we almost forgot fish oil. And its importance can not be overestimated in the treatment of childhood rickets, exhaustion caused by serious diseases, anemia, night blindness, cardiovascular diseases.

To cook the fish is better in the oven or bake in a different way. Not the fish to fry, as polyaromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), released during her frying very harmful to the body.

It is worth noting that all these good praises of the product belong exclusively to the fish caught in the open sea, not contaminated by products of oil or fuel oil, and even worse scum feces. Otherwise all the above advantages of the fish will look more like a myth. It is important to know where the fish caught, whether it was control of the relevant services on contamination, which, unfortunately, is missing everywhere.

Another important feature that such sea fish such as flounder, haddock, cod, Pollock, herring, capelin is fished in the sea only and cannot be divorced in nurseries. Why not tell us about your favorite salmon from the salmon family, or of such fish as pangasius . are artificially bred in fish farms. Of course, the quality of the fish leaves much to be desired. One should be especially careful in the choice of pangasius . who mostly comes to us from Vietnam and China. When transporting such fish are often treated with a special chemical filler containing chlorine which is very harmful for health. And the top is covered with a thick glaze of ice, which often exceeds the permitted limit. Because in spite of the high quality fish pangasius on the whole, her brother, grown in the canals of Vietnam or China, alas inferior to it in quality.

Not as good any fish that are bred in nurseries because of problems with forages, they often consist of bone meal residues and processed “Food” with the addition of soy protein and chemical additives that enhance their growth. Fish, kept in cramped conditions, to avoid mass diseases just gave her antibiotics. About the benefits of such fish just keep silent.

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