The most dangerous creatures living in the seas and oceans.

Despite the fact that the man himself is a predator by nature,

in the ocean, there are many sea creatures

which pose a danger to humans

The most dangerous creatures pose a threat to humans ,

are Sharks.

Sharks still pretty much in the ocean, and some sharks pose a deadly risk to humans.

First place, the danger room one 1: are Sharks.

Piranha. In second place, and in South America and perhaps in the first place

piranhas pose a high risk to humans.

One piranha can bite and even maim people

A school of Piranha can devour everything that is alive, a dog, a cow, a man has fallen into the water.

In South America hang these warning signs.

More dangerous are sea snakes.

The venom of the sea snake, stronger than the venom of any other snake.

Meeting with the sea snake is very dangerous.

Large marine predatory fish,

also present some danger to humans.

The Barracuda grows up to two meters,

In murky water can confuse the man with the fish and attack the person.

Barracuda can seriously injure the person, from loss of blood a person can die.

Large fish, therefore, it is to be feared, although it usually attacks people.

Another giant fish,Giant Grouper (guasa, mero) or rock bass.

Can fall on you if you disturb their territory.

The length of the fish can reach up to three meters and weigh up to 400 pounds.

Sword fish, swordfish, large fish, reaching 4.55 meters in length

and weighing up to 650 pounds

although the sword fish can grow and more.

With such dimensions, the sword fish the fastest fish in the world.

In spite of all the laws of physics, this huge mass can accelerate up to 100-125 miles per hour.

Scientists did not understand why, the sword fish develops a speed? one hydrodynamic shape of the fish a little to get that kind of speed in the water.

Physical effort is not enough, and that would be in the water to reach such a speed.

But the sword fish magically swims in the water with great speed.

no matter what the laws of physics.

With the enormous weight and speed, the sword fish can easily break through the side of the boat or boats,

Known cases when when the sword fish punched metal Board and large ships.

Sword fish usually do not attack humans, but this fish is seriously afraid of.

If for some reason the sword fish crash into the person, then easily cut a person.

And that means instant death from blood loss.

Sword fish can kill a big shark,

if successfully hole the head or belly of a shark.

Electric ray.

Electric ray, creates a voltage from 8 volts up to 300,

Most stingrays generate a voltage of 50 – 60 volts, but that sometimes it is enough that the man lost consciousness underwater and drowned.

Electric ramp according to the standards of marine fish is not very big, about the size of about one meter and weighing up to 40 pounds.

The ramp itself does not attack humans, but if you step on a Stingray lying, cramp will hit you shock.

Do not grab the slope at the same time for the back and belly, will receive the discharge current.

And now, one of the most dangerous creatures in the world.

Wasp jellyfish, the most venomous jellyfish in the world, inhabits the Northern shores of Australia and South East Asia. Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, New Guinea.

Deadly poisonous jellyfish are not clearly visible in the water, as the Wasp jellyfish transparent.

The core of jellyfish, but the jellyfish itself with the size of a tennis ball and 1.5 meter long tentacles.

If a person accidentally touch the tentacles of a poisonous jellyfish Wasp and almost death.

The victim no longer able to get out on the land without assistance.

Man receives severe burns, the skin reddens,

the poison acts on the Central nervous system, paralyzes the person, if time does not help, the man dies.

Poisonous fish ball.

The Blowfish. This fish of the family Blowfish better known as fish-fugu fish-a dog or a Fish Ball -hedgehog-fish. enough poisonous fish, dangerous to man.

It contains the powerful poison tetrodotoxin.

The only antidote, artificial respiration, before the release of poisonous substances from the body.

The Blowfish is usually found in the warm seas of the tropics and subtropics. When the situation about fish external danger, it can increase in size by 2-3 times.

The stonefish attention to the most dangerous venomous fish in the world stonefish is Verrucosa.

Fish has spikes on its back, through which it injects its victim deadly poison.

From her poison, there comes a severe pain, paralysis begins, stops breathing.

Die tissue of human flesh.

The antidote only CPR.

Verrucosa the stonefish the most venomous and dangerous fish.

Beware of this horrible terrible and the most venomous fish on this planet Borodavchenko

Verrucosa is distributed mainly in the region South of the tropic of cancer

occurs in shallow waters of the Pacific and Indian oceans, from the red sea to the Great Barrier reef area in the Australian state of Queensland, as well as in the waters of Indonesia, Philippine and Marshall Islands, Fiji Islands, Samoa.

The Russian traveler has the chance to face borodavchenko on the beaches of Hurghada, Sharm El Sheikh and Dahab.

The killer whale is the king of the seas, killer whales apparently there are no enemies in the ocean.

The whale itself can attack the biggest and strongest sharks and whales on the largest.

Male killer whales reach a length of 9-10 meters at weight up to 7.5 tons, females — 7 meters at weight up to 4 tons.

Big black whale accelerates to 55 miles per hour.

If killer whale attacks on humans?

In the open ocean, the whale usually does not attack people.

But there were cases when killer whales attack on surfers, mistaking the person with a seal.

In captivity, there have been cases of standing and the attacks of killer whales on humans.

One case with a fatal outcome, the whale grabbed the woman by hair and dragged to the depth by holding the girl on the bottom of the pool, not allowing it to rise, drowning the woman.

There were several occasions when killer whales were biting the trainer and the girl, fortunately for the latter they remained alive.

Killer whale intelligent animals, apparently it was some sort of a revenge person.

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