The most incredible inhabitants of the deep sea

These creepy deep sea monsters very rarely catch the eye of people, so there is nothing surprising in the fact that we come in horror, once they accidentally leave their native ocean depths.

Here is a picture of the extraordinary two-headed Dolphin, whose body was discovered recently on one of the Turkish beaches. “At first I did not understand, just couldn’t believe my eyes. I never even heard about these dolphins, even ever imagined I’d see it with my own eyes. I admit, I was absolutely amazed by this spectacle,” says sports trainer Turgul Metin.

Dolphin was discovered a year-old calf with a length of about one meter. “These dolphins are a rare breed, like Siamese twins in humans,” says the expert from the University of AK Deniz, Mehmet Gokoglu.

This Dolphin is one of the many amazing marine finds. Here are some more creatures added to the list of such “surprises” for the last time.

1. Whale shark

The Chinese fisherman who pulled in this “super fish” was so proud of his prey, that immediately tied it to his truck and drove to the market. Of course, he never thought that his catch – a rare Vierumaki shark.

Shocking images of the whale sharks that are in the list of specially protected species, which dragged through the streets of Jiangxi, the Chinese city in Fujian province, created a furor in the network Weibo, the Chinese equivalent of Twitter. Ctsti, “lucky” earner announced the capture of “sea monster” to the local police.

2. Giant sea dragon

The experts were very puzzled by the discovery of the remains of this mysterious sea creature that washed up on one of the beaches in Spain.

A four-metre beast, “adorned with” horns, found in parts on the Luis Siret beach in the village of Villaricos. Of course, all the locals wondered, not whether they had a chance to see the mythical sea monster, a creature of the abyss. “It’s hard to say what we’re dealing with”, said the representative of PROMAR, program for protection of marine animals Paco Toledano. “Fragments of the body is too fragmented to more or less accurately identify this creature.”

It nevadasee horror sea creature has washed ashore in New Zealand last may, have generated a lot of speculation about the remains of prehistoric deep-sea monster. Nine-meter body equipped with fins and a huge gaping mouth, dotted with impossibly long and sharp teeth.

The expert on marine mammals Anton van Haldon examined the carcass “monster” and came to the conclusion that, judging by the fins, so-called the killer whale.

4. Montecci monster

Montecci monster was the body of the animal, presumably of the family of raccoons that washed up on the beach near new York’s business district Montauk in July 2008. Identification of this creature has caused a lot of contradictory statements and different kinds of speculation, especially considering the fact that precisely species of animal and failed.

5. “Chilean Bubble”

In 2003, the world was amazed by the discovery of a monstrous twelve-animal weighing thirteen tons, which was thrown on the shore of the beach of Los Muermos. Puzzled marine biologists surmised that it belongs to never seen before giant squid. However, the analysis of DNA samples eventually led to the conclusion that these were the remains of a sperm whale.

6. Sea unicorn

Deep-sea divers took photographs of the elusive creature Pyrostremma spinosum in the open sea off the coast of Tasmania last year. Incredible deep-sea “Firefly”, which received the proud name of “sea unicorn” can reach thirty meters in length.

7. Oarfish

A female diving instructor from California couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw this silver five-meter body, snake-like fish known as the oarfish (sometimes called belt-fish). Cultivated Santana from marine Institute on Catalina island took more than fifteen helpers to drag the giant sea creature to shore. This happened in October last year. Since kings live herring at a depth of over 900 meters, their images are extremely rare, and the creatures are still poorly understood, told local media, adding that he found the animal died of natural causes.

8. The giant freshwater Stingray

A fisherman from Florida was seriously thinking of purchasing a larger vessel, after met off the coast of Miami beach with this sea monster, weighing 362 pounds.

Captain mark Quartiano, better known by the nickname “mark the shark” has put a picture of his unseen catch in Instagram in last November and provided this caption: “Rare deep water Dactylobatus caught the animal and during the filming of a TV program at the end of this year.” About these sea creatures, very little is known. It is only that their habitats – muddy bottoms and submarine slopes at depths of up to 915 meters.

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