The sea is beautiful and dangerous

The red sea is one of the most interesting seas in the world, because it is the warmest. The sea temperature never goes below fifteen degrees, so there are many animals – fish, animals, coral – about 200 thousand species. The diversity of wildlife that it is sometimes difficult to meet similar fish. They are all colorful and different.

I grew up in latitudes where the fish are very afraid of humans. Impossible to swim close to the fish, to examine her.

Here it’s different. Predators enough, the fish should be scared, but swimming in the sea is like swimming in a large aquarium – all fish languidly visiting diver from all sides, and slowly float their business, absolutely not afraid of the diver. I was very impressed, even more this fact surprises the children for whom multi-colored fish – like toys from a toy store. A lot of them, they swim around in flocks, coral fish and may even attack small pinch, if you sailed to the territory which they consider their own.

But for all the beauty here is very dangerous. The main rule – not to bother with excessive attention and especially not to try something to touch – poisonous creatures, fish with the sharpest teeth, suffer from them “if desired” will not be easy.

The most dangerous fish, often found on the beaches –fish-stone. We met (saw with sandy Mall), it resembles a large sea or river goby, the Black sea has similar “devil-fish” (also poisonous). It lives under rocks in the day and comes out to bask in the sun. This fish with many growths and can easily be mistaken for a coral reef even half a meter. It “freezes” and can not absolutely respond to the person, so step on it – a mere trifle. But the bite is very painful, can be treated to a year, also I was told that there may even be a result, when the treatment is not necessary as this fish is the most poisonous in the world. And it is found on the beaches where people walk. But panic is not necessary – it is unlikely she will swim back and forth, most likely she anchors near the stones, but to look down need. And remember the rule – less walk in unfamiliar places, better over all creatures to swim. And then look down on them and will not be subject to the risks, as if not to touch, most likely not hurt you.

Lionfish or butterfly fish can be found everywhere. Well only that they come only after lunch, when the heat subsides. This fish is not nettle – she didn’t just sting, it will be very painful and the effects will be felt for a very long time. And to get her in – she likes swimming in the water hanging, and any wave can “to throw”. That is, in this case it is not enough just to look down.

Moray eels can be seen frequently, they are like snakes can swim in shallow water or around the reef. Can and sit in the reef, sticking his face waiting for prey. This extraction may well be your hand. Teeth, this fish is not clean, and even in the modern medicine (of which the Egyptian health care is not) possible gangrene. In addition, you can lose fingers or even hands, and as a consequence swimmer in danger of drowning, and the blood can sail a shark. To examine these fish is possible, even highly recommended, but at a decent distance.

To hear that he was of course impossible, because the puffer fish swims in and out of here quite often.

Stingrays bury themselves in the sand and can inject poisonous thorn or even hit with a lethal book of electricity.

Sea urchins everywhere, to get to them very easily, if inadvertently behave near the corals. And the needles are poisonous and can lead to infection.

Even if fish are not present, the limb can fall into the folds of the turbinates that are impossible to detach from the coral and decompress is also impossible. What should the diver do not know, but say if you have the time, the easiest way to saw off that grasping this shell, don’t know the name, but it can be seen everywhere, it has wave-like folds, and reaches a large size.

Fans to collect shells is not recommended to take up all that much – in many shells, especially in a cone-shaped, living deadly poisonous shellfish, many of which are deadly. Do not see that this shell is only a few centimeters in size, it can be dangerous.

Sea snakes also swim often, and their venom is stronger than the venom of cobras.

Sharks meet, especially a lot of attacks in Sharm El Sheikh how to protect yourself from the sharks don’t know, but I think too to swim in the coral, where they feed the shark, don’t need to be on the alert. In Hurghada I about shark attacks have not heard, but read that in a nearby Safaga was an attack by a great white shark, which, like the dangerous fish-hammers, are found in the Red sea. So no need to relax.

I met stonefish, lionfish, fish, fugu, sea urchins, Moray eels, stingrays, dangerous animal I read, but I think if more swim between the reefs, and you can find them, that’s the most beautiful and dangerous sea in the world – the Red sea.

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