Useful properties of fish marine language

Marine fish with a funny name “sole” refers to delicatessen products. If you use the ichthyological characteristics, nature is about 40 genera of Sea languages. These fish body has an oblong, leaf-like shape. They are common in the seas of tropical and subtropical areas. Scientific classification of the Sea language belongs to the class of ray-finned fish, flatfish squad, solievich family, genus, Sea languages (Solea), a seemingly ordinary nautical language. Some scientists believe the sole of the superfamily, in which there are two families: right (Soleidae) and left (Cynoglossidae). “Sole” in the genus name of these fish means “soles”in Latin, since the shape resembles a Sea of languages a Shoe sole. And the Sea the language was initially named the fish is Dover sole, which was delivered from the eponymous English town in London restaurants. Then to try dishes from this fish could only local aristocrats. Later the name of the sole spread to other species of this genus that have elongated, leaf-like shape. Beautiful and unusual sounds and short name of the language of the Sea “Fish Salt” derived from the word Sole. Today we will talk about useful properties of fish Marine language.

Thus, the shape of a fish sea tongue elongated,similar to the leaf of the tree. Scales he’s rough on that side, which the fish regards the sea bottom, and lighter coloring. On the upper side color is dark grey and no stiffness. Often in appearance, especially when buying frozen, fillet of Sea language confused with pangasius. Differences. however, there are plates narrower, the taste of the Sea language more enjoyable, the meat tender with a small amount of bones. When purchasing Marine recommend you to select language still fresh or chilled (not frozen!) fish. Should feel a firmness when touched. Consider the condition of the gills, their color should be rich red. A good fish scales are tight, and the smell is not expressed, and fresh fish.

But to find fresh or even chilled sole on sale is extremely difficult. Here’s the thing. Marine mining is not an easy language, necessary for that large fishing boats or motorized boats. Their habitat is the continental shelf,in depths between twenty and ninety meters, and the length of the Vietnamese coast of the South China sea. Since the sole is the flatfish, they too often are at the bottom. For commercial production of this fish you have to use bottom trawls. In figures for the year are caught up to thirty thousand tons of sea language in those places. But delivery in a trading network is in fresh, frozen and dry salted forms. Possible options for non-industrial fishing Marine language and the usual fishing gear in the night, coming by boat to the depths at which it lives.

All we know about fish day of the week – Thursday. But to have fish, especially marine, in your diet is useful much more often. Due to the mix of nutrients beneficial to health, its use is felt quickly.

What is useful in such a fish as the sole? First, the useful properties are in the protein, which is not less price than the protein of meat. But has the advantage of not contains saturated fats that are harmful for our body. 100 g meat of the sea is the language of 18.1 g of protein. Digested protein Sea language easier and faster (only 2-3 hours). The reason scientists call a more delicate tissue of the fish’s body, saturated with water for more than in animals. And no extra loads during digestion, any doctor will assess as advantage in the diet in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. In addition, fish protein rich in essential amino acids and they must come only with food. Of these amino acids – methionine, tryptophan, lysine, the most useful is taurine. It helps with atherosclerotic disorders, swelling, diseases of the cardiovascular system, gipertoniceski disease. Taurine ensures the proper exchange of ions of sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium. For the heart properties of fish provides the ability to prevent the excretion of potassium from the heart muscle, and it already prevention of disorders of heart rate.

Marine fish is rich in vitamins, especially group D, cod-liver oil is easily absorbed by the body. Its quality is not only low in cholesterol but also the ability of fish oil to correct the level in the blood. Language rich in Marine and mineral substances: iodine, zinc, manganese, copper, phosphorus and other. Important and high micronutrient content. In a 100g fillet of Sea language contains a third of the daily value of iodine intake, 110% of normal consumption for selenium and two daily norms, that is, 200%, cobalt! The sole is not only soft, but also low-calorie fish, so, it is good to have in the diet losing weight and overweight. The caloric value of 100 g fillet of Sea tongue is only 88 calories. You are now aware of the useful properties of fish Marine language, the way this valuable product inspire you to cooking culinary masterpieces.

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