Why do sharks attack people?

Sharks afraid of everything. And those who talk about it, and those who, for various reasons, believes that it does not concern them. Not concerned, because in their rivers or bays such monsters not native and overseas resorts with live sharks or are located too far or inaccessible.

However, all episodes sharks always attract the attention of people. And most importantly, the number of events, when a person comes into contact with this predator, with time not decreasing, but rather, on the contrary, the number of incidents with varying degrees of outcome of the meeting is growing. Proof of this are already happened in the cases of shark attacks in 2012, among whom are fatal episodes.

In 2011 there were only 125 cases of contact between man and shark, of which only 17 ended in a human death. And while these 17 cases represent only 13% of the total, each episode causes a significant and strong reaction from the society.

Why do sharks attack people?

This issue is already not a secret, scientists and explorers of the ocean depths have given this phenomenon a detailed explanation.

In the first place . shark belongs to the large predators, the diet of its power necessarily includes, besides fish, and groupnamehere. The man is such an object in size.

Secondly . unfortunately, to identify its prey, the shark can only approximate, so the main option is to try “prey” to the taste. As a rule, the predator, attacking the person leaves it. Exceptions there are several types, characterized by aggressive bull, great white, tiger shark, etc. In the majority of all shark attacks in 2012 showed just such a random character, i.e. present a situational reaction of a predator on a person as a potential victim.

Thirdly . and this is the important point of the explanation, the individual may provoke a shark to attack. Thus, according to statistics, out of 125 episodes, 2011 50 incidents was the response of the predator to the conduct or action of a person. While the number of unprovoked attacks predator decreased by 10 %.

Fourthly . man may be shark victim and through the “fault of circumstances.” For example, the bather or the diver falls into the water, where at that time stationed a school of fish, which leads the hunt for the shark. In this case, it automatically falls into the danger zone. Or the person is in a place “official land shark”, or catches on the tooth of a young predator that is not yet formed “hunting skills”.

Why sharks will continue to attack people?

World statistics, fixing and analyzing all the known episodes of human contact and this predator of the ocean, clearly States that in the future meetings of the human with the sharks will only increase. Scientists explain it with the following arguments:

Is directly proportional to the increase in the time that people began to spend in the water. Greatly increased human pressure on marine and ocean resources, which are used as recreational, beach, sports and leisure entertainment options.

Using as recreation of previously “wild”, undeveloped or protected coasts or waters where the chances of encountering a shark almost one hundred percent.

Climate change and biosphere that dictate these predators to change a new environment and form new variants of their behavior.

Thus, our convergence with the sharks, inevitably, influenced by the changing nature and because of our own aspirations. We only need to learn the rules of behavior in water and the recommendations of experts on the prevention of attacks by sharks.

Shark attacks in Egypt and Primorye

The last two years has shown the world an apparent conflict between humans and sharks that erupted two powerful “series” of attacks. So, in 2010 from the sharks of the red sea for 6 days injured five people, one of whom died. It was difficult to “diagnose” the situation, because the incident was unusual in several ways.

The area was considered quiet for a long time, because the Red sea is not full representatives of shark predators and especially pelagic “handsome” didn’t come so close to shallow water. The real causes of the incident were classified as unreasonable actions of the person who provoked these attacks (discarded animal carcasses, bait the sharks in the beaches and nearby waters).

In 2011, the epicenter of the “shark passions” became Primorye, where in the course of two days were seriously injured two people, and after another month, observers recorded the occurrence of predators in different parts of the region. The situation of “seaside series” was unusual and surprising, because in this area were registered quite unprecedented here predators — great white sharks.

And of shark attacks in Primorye almost never was. Here the reasons were the emergence of new and dangerous species in this area, and thoughtless behaviour of a man climbed into a natural marine reserve. But most importantly, what becomes fraught with Maritime history, it is the possibility of its recurrence — the shark attack in 2012 — not so unpredictable scenario, because the scientists came to the conclusion that in this part of the Pacific ocean in the future will be the new “shark home” and new hunting grounds.

However, it is clear now that the “shark jaw” does not go to any comparison with other sources of fatalities to humans. For example, the world health organization provides the following data on fatal outcomes for a person:

the bites of poisonous animals — 50 thousand people, and the number of bitten comes to 10 million per year;

elephant cripples to an average of 500 people per year;

Australian jellyfish Wortley in the year to 25 swimmers.

Human fear of sharks, thrillers heated and heated media must not paralyze the human mind and turn it into a fighter and barbarian predators your nature.

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