Work at home — breeding aquarium fish

If you in the childhood was fond of aquarium fish and the aquarium have more and now, this hobby can be developed into an interesting work at home for women. Of course, need some attachments, but if you’re not planning a large production, and a lot of money to spend is not necessary.


The truth will have to accept the fact that you are constantly supervised will be many living creatures cannot long to leave. But, if you are ready for this, this business idea should come to your taste.

Breeding aquarium fish for beginners

If experience in breeding aquarium fish you have, then you should start with the basics. First, select for breeding the most unpretentious fish, is viviparous species type swordtails, guppies and mollies. They tolerate errors in the content, readily breed and produce offspring almost every month (60 to 200 fry). The fry are also undemanding and do not require any special care. You can sell them in 2-3 months. Unpretentious almost as many breeds of goldfish. Imenno this reason these fish are often sold in the bird markets.

To work at home you will need a large aquarium of 40 liters, two smaller ones, for growing fry, such as 15 — otrov and spawning, where will be displayed the fry, it needs a capacity of 3-4 liters. Get a dozen fish of the same species. 4-5 females must have 1-2 males. Fish is better to buy adults, then do not have to wait long for offspring. Find all possible information about the species, which decided to breed and read about all the intricacies of keeping and feeding to the temperature of water before choosing food.

Of course, we could stop taxing the fish, take them to the market on weekends and have a steady income at home. But if you want to achieve something more, we gain experience, it will be necessary to move to a new level. To do this you firstly need several large aquariums in total, 1-2 tons of water, and secondly, if you want to do on small fish big money . you have to master the breeding of valuable exotic breeds, and those that are currently at the height of fashion.

Such fish you will find on the market, they should look for professional breeders. By the way, you can start with either breeding and the rearing of fry. Especially now that often buy a rather large fish. Itself in one the bookstore saw a few bright fish weighing less than a kilogram each. Understand how to grow to this size fish have a lot of time.

Another tip: as soon as things went smoothly, just make a page on the Internet. This will be your online store. What it should be:

Pictures of your fish

Marine aquarium

Particular care

The cost

Discounts, holiday promotions, etc.

Offer related products (if desired, they can also be found on the Internet)

Testimonials of satisfied customers

Algae for sale (cultivation of algae, shellfish, forage fish also can be turned into income at home )

Additional information (anything, from jokes about goldfish to articles about the habitats of fishes in nature)

Over time this website will become a constant source of new clients, just remember to restock it with new information. Website on the Internet, gives you the opportunity to sell the product directly, without middlemen. That is much more profitable than giving your work to an agent or for sale to pet shops. In addition, exercise and other advertising details can be read here .

If all goes well, need to expand further. Experienced professionals have aquariums on 50 tons of water, and even more. Of course, with such volumes will need helpers.

Experts are always abreast of the latest fashion trends on fish, and as soon as there are new types or species of fish, acquire breeding stock and begin breeding them. In this sense, very convenient fish of the cichlid family. They have many subspecies variety of colors, making never get bored of the buyers.

Where desired aquarium fish . Not only in children’s rooms, a good aquarium, this is a real highlight of the interior, both at home and office. Therefore, fish should be consistent and no matter whether it is a small aquarium on the Desk, the aquarium is a cylinder on the bar or the pool in the Conservatory of a country house. But it’s a solid clientele is typed immediately, so at first it is advisable to get acquainted with those who sell aquariums, is engaged in the interiors of country houses, or comes up with the design of city apartments.

Be very careful when buying food and fish. Poor quality food or diseased fish, are running in the aquarium, they can ruin all its inhabitants. In this business there is a small seasonality, with the lowest demand on everything related to aquariums in the same season of summer holidays. The rest of the time it’s pretty stable.

Aquarium fish from abroad

With aquarium fish related, and other interesting business you can go for fish in other countries, but there is some hitch. First, you need a love of travel, and secondly, a connection at the office, this lively and delicate goods can be lost, if at the border will be a delay. It is desirable that imported fish were there already on the day of arrival. On average, fish will be sold three times more expensively, than cost you.

Of course, this work at home will bring a lot of money to someone who has mastered all the subtleties of breeding aquarium fish. And if you rise above the level of the traders with the bird market, this business idea will turn you into a successful entrepreneur with a solid customer base.

Work at home — breeding aquarium fish
If you in the childhood was fond of aquarium fish and the aquarium have more and now, this hobby can be developed into an interesting work at home for women.…

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