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Dell Alienware Aurora ALX Optiarc AD-7230S Driver

Alienware's Aurora ALX is a gaming PC with plenty of speed, flair and attitude. It's the sort of system that polarises people. Some will love its  Missing: Optiarc ‎AD- ‎S. Dell Alienware Aurora ALX Optiarc ADS Firmware B for Windows 7 x64 wireless technology. Drives: Externally accessible three 5. DRIVERS DELL Alienware Aurora ALX. Postado por .. OPTIARC ADS SATA HH DVDRW, vB, A01, A01, 9/29/, Windows XP Windows Vista


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Dell Alienware Aurora ALX Optiarc AD-7230S Driver

It's the sort of system that polarises people.


Some will love its audacious design and extravagance — such as automatically opening air vents — others will mutter that the machine would be a lot cheaper if it had a more basic case. The fact is, though, the Aurora ALX is designed to appeal to a certain type of gamer — a gamer Dell Alienware Aurora ALX Optiarc AD-7230S wants a machine that looks as aggressive and willing to kill as the characters in their first person shooters.

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To this end, we think it delivers. System design While the moulded plastic that clings to the metal case gives the Aurora ALX gaming PC its alien-like appearance, the inside is also far from normal.

In fact, the inside of the case shows just how much thought has gone into the design of the system. What we like most is the construction of the drive bays: The mounting points for the SATA data and power interfaces are secured inside the bays, and all you have to do if you want to add another hard drive is slide it in and make sure it clicks into place.


It's a very neat system and it means there are no Dell Alienware Aurora ALX Optiarc AD-7230S cables to be seen anywhere. The only way the drive bays could be made better is if they were hot-swappable. As it stands, you have to switch off the system in order to perform upgrades. We like the outward-facing drive bays in the Aurora ALX.

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They're tool-less and cable-less. Another thing that's obvious when you look inside the machine is the small motherboard. This has two full-sized graphics slots that can accommodate an ATI CrossFire configuration for up to four GPUs, but it doesn't give you a chance to insert any other expansion cards, such as a sound card or digital TV tuner.


It will require a lot of desk space or floor area. The CPU is liquid-cooled via a reservoir that's mounted at the rear near the air vents at the top of the case. Unfortunately, the graphics cards are not cooled with liquid, so you'll still hear their fans roar into action once you load up your games. A shroud sits in front of the graphics Dell Alienware Aurora ALX Optiarc AD-7230S to make sure that air moves efficiently through the rear of the system. The vents at the top of the case are perhaps the funkiest feature of the Aurora ALX: It's quite cool to see the vents open and close by themselves as you use the system.

If you place the system on the floor, you'll have to remember not to rest anything on it.


The liquid-cooled CPU, reservoir and radiator. Lighting is another big part of the Aurora ALX: The most impressive are the ones on the side panels, which illuminate the alien-like pattern on the plastic. The left side panel opens up easily once you lift the rear-most vent to unlock it, and an impressive aspect of its design is that cables haven't been used to supply power to the panel's lights.

Instead, it Dell Alienware Aurora ALX Optiarc AD-7230S contacts that are mounted on the power supply at the bottom of the system. A drawback of this design is that if you constantly take off and replace the side panel, it could end up slightly out of shape. This means that the connection to the lights might not be made cleanly. The Aurora ALX has no shortage of lights.

We'd like an option for a clear side panel, because the Dell Alienware Aurora ALX Optiarc AD-7230S of the case is definitely interesting to look at. Other little things that stand out in the Aurora ALX's case include a drop-down door that reveals the optical drive once you press on the little alien head; there are also backwards-facing USB 2.

DRIVERS DELL Alienware Aurora ALX

This is supposed to minimise the chance of cables falling in the way of the optical drive, but we think the ports are somewhat awkward to access on a regular basis. The USB ports at the top of the case face backwards and can be a little awkward to use on a regular basis. This shot also clearly shows the vents that automatically open when the CPU reaches its predefined threshold Dell Alienware Aurora ALX Optiarc AD-7230S.

The CPU runs at 2. More than its speed, though, the Core i7 is about parallel processing. That price is nothing to scoff at, but you will get a machine that will serve you well for many years.

Currently, it's one of the fastest PCs you can get not only for gaming, but also for image and video editing although Dell Alienware Aurora ALX Optiarc AD-7230S might want to add some more hard drives for assets. It's a lot faster than the first Core i7 based system that we reviewed almost a year ago, Acer's Aspire M In our WorldBench 6 benchmark, which runs everyday office and media encoding applications, it recorded a score ofwhich is only slightly faster than a system with a Core i5 CPU.

However, you can really see the difference in performance when all eight of the virtual cores are in action: Only the Intel Core i7 has completed the Blender test quicker 24sec. The system's hard drive performance is also very good, recording a transfer Dell Alienware Aurora ALX Optiarc AD-7230S of 54 megabytes per second in our tests; this is about 20MBps faster than a typical Core i5-based machine. Warhead and Far Cry 2 easily at x with anti-aliasing enabled.

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