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Arecont Vision AV1305 IP Camera Driver

Arecont Vision, the world leader in megapixel technology, LAS VEGAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Arecont Vision, the industry leader in IP megapixel camera Jan, World's first line of H megapixel cameras (AV Veuillez utiliser les filtres ci-dessous pour trouver la caméra IP appropriée. Arecont Vision, AV/ / , , M-JPEG、H, Yes, No, No, No. 2 Arecont Vision Cameras;IP, H/, p, 3 and 5 Megapixel H . filter and more MEGAPIXEL AV Color AVDN Day/night AVAI Color.


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Arecont Vision AV1305 IP Camera Driver

Quick installation and superior design, perfect for indoor or outdoor applications Other key features: Help them see it even in low light.

All images are conceptual. For product information and actual Arecont Vision AV1305 IP Camera from Axis cameras, visit Image quality is always important, but the benefits are really determined by how your customers will use the images. We make their and your job easier, by focusing on image usability first. As the world leader in network video, we help you ensure that your customers always get video they can use no matter what the conditions are.

Get the Axis picture. Stay one step ahead. Visit Axis s award-winning Lightfinder technology enables color, detailed video even in very poor lighting conditions. Functional and smart design Multiple H.

Mega Video IP Cameras

They can be used indoors, as well as outdoors in an Arecont Vision AV1305 IP Camera housing. These cameras can be used indoors, but are mainly designed for outdoor environments. The small size and functional design enable easy integration into limited spaces, ideal for indoor compact and covert installations.


Certain bit rate values may not be possible depending on the camera resolution, image cropping, light conditions, exposure settings, and amount of motion. Archive Select Archive Figure 17 from the Setting menu. Archive is a lower-level menu to configure video archival settings. Please note that archival is only available with a license file. Filter is a group of archiving options: Save all frames archives the entire video stream received from the camera.

Save all and mark motion archives Arecont Vision AV1305 IP Camera entire video stream, marking the frames where motion was detected.

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Save motion frames only archives only when motion is detected Arecont Vision AV1305 IP Camera the on-camera motion detector and disables archiving in the absence of motion. Frequency is a drop-down list of options for archive recording rate. The Off option disables the archive recording. The Max option sets the archive frequency limited only by the camera and the network different for different camera models. Continue after motion detected determines the duration for which recording will continue after motion is detected when the camera is set to Save motion frames only and the frame rate at which such recording is done.

If new motion Arecont Vision AV1305 IP Camera detected during such after-motion recording, the rate of recording will revert to the one specified under Frequency.

Minimum free disk space sets the minimum free disk space that is required on a disk to Arecont Vision AV1305 IP Camera overwriting old video recordings. With a setting of 10GB, archives will not be overwritten until the free space on the drive goes below 10GB.

Arecont Vision AV IP camera Specifications Arecont Vision IP camera -

It is recommended that at least 5GB of free Arecont Vision AV1305 IP Camera is always available. Motion Detection Motion detection is achieved by analyzing inter-frame brightness changes on a pixel-by-pixel basis. Clicking Motion Detection from the left menu brings up the Motion Settings window, as seen in Figure In contrast, the on-camera mode performs motion detection prior to transmitting the images to the computer.

As such, the on-camera motion detection setting allows for a significant reduction in CPU load and network load when motion detection is enabled.


Motion detection is only enabled via the Archive settings when one of the two following options is selected: Save all and mark motion or Save motion frames only. If the Archive is enabled for Save all frames, motion detection is disabled. Motion detection is computed independently in multiple detection zones on a square grid.

The largest grid supported for any Arecont Vision camera model and image size is 8 by 8.

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