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Asus U46SV Notebook Virtual Camera Driver

Все драйвера для ASUS U43F на ОС: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7. ASUS Virtual Camera Utility (The Camera driver must be installed.) V1. The Asus U46SV all-purpose laptop sets itself apart from the crowd through great . Using Your Camera's Settings: Program Mode, Shutter Speed, and More . Since we can see this through the virtual viewfinder without taking a picture. GB 2M Camera NVidia N12P-GV1 DDR3 2GB Graphics ASUS U46SV This one might win the battle from all of the laptops mentioned.


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Asus U46SV Notebook Virtual Camera Driver


How are aperture priority and shutter priority modes different? What does the ISO setting do? When would you want to use Program mode rather than Auto? Knowing which mode to use for specific photographic situations, and how your camera's various controls interact with each other can help you take dramatically better photos, and more easily, to boot.

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Let's start Asus U46SV Notebook Virtual Camera a common question: What's the difference between Program and Auto mode? Auto Modes Your camera's Program and Auto modes are clearly different--for one thing, camera manufacturers are unlikely to create two modes that do the exact same thing. Camera models may vary, but in general, Auto truly means "automatic. The flash, ISO which is the camera's sensitivity to lightwhite balance, shutter speed, and aperture are all set automatically.

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Program mode sometimes referred to as the "Programmed Exposure" or "Programmed Automatic" mode is a bit more flexible. When you dial in the P, the camera might look like it's in the same sort of autopilot mode as Auto, but you have full control over a surprising number of settings, including ISO and white balance, which are unavailable to you in Auto. For example, you can crank up the ISO higher than the camera might ordinarily choose in order to freeze the action in Asus U46SV Notebook Virtual Camera low-light situations.

Or you might keep the ISO low to minimize digital noise. If you want to get motion blur or light trails at sunset, Auto mode will generally make that impossible because the camera will increase the ISO automatically. In Program mode, you dial in the right Asus U46SV Notebook Virtual Camera depending upon the situation. Take Command of the Flash In Auto mode, the flash is completely automatic and will fire whenever the camera thinks there isn't enough light to capture a good photo.

In Program mode, though, your camera might make some gentle recommendations--like showing a flash icon Asus U46SV Notebook Virtual Camera shake warning in the viewfinder--but you can choose whether the flash will fire, and in what mode red eye, rear curtain, and so on. A typical shake warning is the classic "open hand with wavy lines around it," which is icon 16 in the diagram below: That makes the Program mode handy for locations in which flash photography is not allowed.

Leave Asus U46SV Notebook Virtual Camera camera in Auto mode at a museum and you might get thrown out, but Program mode can save the day. Use Program Mode to Control Action and Depth of Field The "program" in Program mode refers to the fact that you can fiddle with the shutter speed and aperture combo.

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Whether you choose Auto or Program, the camera chooses an aperture and shutter speed combination that will give you a good exposure. Depending upon the particular camera you have, that might be the fastest available shutter speed based on the ambient light, or a somewhat slower shutter speed.

If you want to slow the shutter speed to introduce motion blur, just spin Asus U46SV Notebook Virtual Camera dial or press the arrows or rocker switch--check your camera's user guide in Program mode. Likewise, if you want to increase the depth of field, move the controls in the opposite direction. You don't necessarily need to use Aperture or Shutter Priority modes as long as you remember that Program mode works this way.


But what about the other choices, like Shutter priority and Aperture priority? Likewise, do you want to really understand how all the variables--focal length, ISO, aperture, shutter speed, and so on--contribute to your photos?

A picture, as they say, is worth a thousand words. Even better is an interactive simulation where you can experiment with all these Asus U46SV Notebook Virtual Camera and instantly see the effect, without having to download photos from your camera and study the results. You can use it to tweak the settings and see the results instantly.

You'll see something like the screen shot on the right.

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You're seeing the scene as it might appear in a camera's viewfinder--a girl at the playground, holding a spinning pinwheel. When you click the shutter release, you see the effect of your exposure settings. Click "Return to Viewfinder" to take another picture. Now, let's look at some ways to experiment. With the exception of the left side, we found the ports to be well-arranged.

The laptop also offers Bluetooth 3.


Kensington Lock, Power outlet Right side: A lot of the programs pre-installed on the test model were designed by Asus. However, there are many from other companies. All-in-all a lot of software which slows down the computer by increasing the boot time and dropping the reaction time of the system right after it starts.


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