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Gateway C-140 ATI Display Driver

The Gateway C/EC is one of only a few options for those looking at high-speed Tablet PCs. As a general rule, tablets with a 12” screen  Missing: ATI. Both have 14in displays that can be rotated by ° to lay flat over the an ATI Mobility Radeon HD with MB graphics memory, or an Intel The Gateway EC and C are available in the US now at a basic. Gateway CX, CXL Tablet PC Convertible Notebook Review The ATI radeon XHD graphics.


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Gateway C-140 ATI Display Driver

Although annoying, my guess is that the size of the screen prevented the use of a bi-directional hinge because it would not have been sturdy enough. The Cx converting into tablet mode. Over the last few days I have mastered the alignment and usually get it latched on the first try in either mode, but it was very annoying on the first day, especially when I was in a hurry. The screen is well protected and does not ripple when pressed Gateway C-140 ATI Display directly or from the outside.

However, mine seems to have a dozen or so tiny air bubbles underneath that are only visible when the screen is off.

Gateway Cx Tablet PC User Review

They disrupt the writing surface a little bit — when I glide over an air bubble while inking it feels rough and jarring. I have been able to smooth some out, but many seem intent on staying. Two other design flaws include the placement of the vent, which I describe more in the heat and noise section and the placement of the microphone on the front bezel. Gateway C-140 ATI Display the microphone on the front bezel is less than ideal as it is very easy to cover with my arm while writing.

Gateway EC/Cx Tablet PC Review

I realized this when I went to review the recording for my biology lecture. It was muffled and quite useless, but the recording of my Statistics lecture, during which I held the tablet differently, was perfectly audible.

My Cx weighs 6. I carried it in my backpack all day with my heavy Biology book and a few smaller books. However, it was not the most pleasant experience Gateway C-140 ATI Display have ever had.

The weight makes holding it in slate mode burdensome as well. I prefer to write with it propped on one knee, or laying flat on my desk like a paper notebook.


The screen is bright and easy to see even on its lowest settings. The Cx display with part of the review written on it. I was actually able to angle the screen to remove most of the glare.

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The writing surface is a bit bumpy in some places because of air bubbles, and the ink looks blotchy from certain angles as if writing with a leaky pen. Overall, the inking experience is enjoyable.

Gateway tablet, c-140x

Ports The EC is one of the first tablets I have seen with such a good array of ports, without using a docking solution. It has pretty much anything a user could need, I guess that is why it reminds me of a notebook.


Then again it is a giant tablet, so you expect it to come packed with the goodies. Front view of the Gateway EC. This tablet stays powered up all day, so you never miss a moment of work.

It comes standard with an 8-cell Lithium-Ion battery, which on your standard balanced power setting lasted me for a little over five hours. The other two optional batteries that came with my review unit were a 6-cell and a cell.

Gateway E-295C/C-140x Tablet PC Review

The 6-cell is your basic battery, lasting about three to three and half hours, but when it came to the cell, wow. I could use the cell battery all day. It lasted me about seven hours.


If you adjust the power settings you can get even more battery life, but then it gets harder to read the screen and you lose some performance. Even when the 1.

Gateway C-140x Tablet PC User Review

The fan kicked on very lightly when running benchmarks and during boot-up, but I barely noticed it. The optical drive makes some noise, but nothing out of the ordinary, just the typical noises you get when playing a CD or DVD.

Speakers Gateway placed the speakers on the EC on the front of the tablet, which seems to be the perfect location. The few tablets I have tested that have the speakers located on the front put out clearer sound.

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