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Compaq Presario 725CA Notebook Driver

Features: · Double chipset innovation provides constant true voltage automatically with low consumption. · Built with overcurrent protection,overvoltage. I have a Compaq Presario CA laptop with a start up issue. CPU = mobileAMD Athlon 4 +RAM = MBno batteryXP SP3The Led. Jupio NHC / заместител на HP Compaq - 8-клетъчна, Presario LA, Presario JP, Presario EA, Presario CA, Presario AU.


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Compaq Presario 725CA Notebook Driver

It lacks aIR and serial port, but it is clearly the most affordable notebook in this comparison. Dell Inspirion Dell's Inspirion is not the top-notch notebook that it was until three months ago. In fact, it has been replaced by the Inspirionwhich comes Compaq Presario 725CA Notebook a Pentium 4 processor. All Inspirion notebooks of the series have one thing in common.

They are Compaq Presario 725CA Notebook and heavy and the housing gives a rather cheap impression compared to models from other leading brands. Still, this notebook is a workhorse and it certainly delivers great performance. It's not pretty, but it works!

Dell Latitude C The Latitude C is based on the same chassis and molding parts as the Dell Inspirion 8xxx line, so it comes with the same low-quality look and feel as the Inspirion It's just as much of a Compaq Presario 725CA Notebook notebook and it doesn't come any lighter than the Inspirion as well. Its design is maybe even less inspiring, but at the same time also less irritating.


This Pentium 4 notebook Compaq Presario 725CA Notebook performance to the max and that's what it's for. It's not there to impress the ladies; it's supposed to get the work done. At this, it most certainly shines, as it is extremely fast.


The Benchmark Setup You might have missed the hard drive in the listing above, but that has a reason. This article is not a notebook comparison per se, but a technology review.

Thus I tried to test each notebook under as equal conditions as possible. For the benchmarks, I used the same hard drive in each notebook, so that hard drive performance would not impact the numbers.


Right now it's one of the fastest notebook hard drives available. All tests were run under Windows XP Professional.

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The Benchmark Results Low Level Benchmarks Before we go and have a look at the results of the application level benchmarks, it's always a good idea to have a peep at the "raw" results. Sisoft's Sandra is still the by far best Compaq Presario 725CA Notebook for this kind of thing. Of course, this depends heavily on the software.


Sandra Memory Performance Those results are much more interesting than the CPU performance numbers, as they show how well or how poorly the memory interface of the chipset actually works. You can probably imagine that this low memory bandwidth will most likely have an impact on overall performance. The UMA unified memory architecture design of the Compaq Presario 725CA Notebook Athlon chipsets with the integrated graphics is costing them a significant amount of memory bandwidth.

Compaq Presario 725CA Notebook PC Adapter Charger

Even in 2D, the video part of the memory needs to be read out times per second for screen refreshes, which of course generates arbitrary issues that impact system memory access. I am still experimenting with it. This CPU score is showing results that are similar to Sandra's processor Compaq Presario 725CA Notebook. Application Level Benchmarks Let's now move across to the 'real McCoy,' the application level benchmarks.

Compaq Notebook Baterry and Power adpter buy online or in store canada vancouver

Compaq Presario 725CA Notebook are starting with BAPCo's Sysmarka benchmark that still leaves some open questions about its methodology, but for now it is the standard benchmark for system evaluation. I still continue to say that it is definitely hilarious to give office application performance the same weight as Internet content creation performance, since all of us are using software for word processing, spreadsheets or Internet browsing, while only a minority is creating Internet content every day and an even smaller minority good Internet content, but that's a different story Still BAPCo generates the overall result of Sysmark from office productivity and content creation in a Here you can see the huge impact of the low memory bandwidth of the Athlon-based notebooks.

Make sure, however, that those numbers don't fool you! Each of those four notebooks has plenty of performance to Compaq Presario 725CA Notebook you a perfectly fluid impression while you work with them. I used the Presario notebook for a few days and had no complaints about its office performance.

ATi's Radeon IGPM Chipset A New Chance For Athlon Notebooks -

The less important Internet content creation run of Sysmark shows different results. It seems as if it was tuned for Intel's "Northwood" Pentium 4. Especially the Flash 5 part appears a bit mysterious to me. Again, both Athlon notebooks are slowed down by their low memory bandwidth. Here's Compaq Presario 725CA Notebook marketing blurb: A score of in 3DMark SE speaks its own language.

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