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Compro VideoMate T750 Driver

After much research and testing I thought I'd post some tips on getting the Compro VideoMate T working with MediaPortal. Well, mostly. VideoMate T Front view mmio: 0xfbcff saa[0]: subsystem: b:c, board: Compro VideoMate T [card=,autodetected]. Compro VideoMate T - VideoHelp Capture Card features, compatibility and comments.


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Compro VideoMate T750 Driver

To view these panels you need to move the mouse to the edge of the control panel's window and, Compro VideoMate T750 the mouse pointer becomes a crosshair, click. The panels auto-disappear after a few seconds, which can be annoying, but there is an option to lock these in place to keep them visible at all times.

We were also annoyed by the "submarine" effect on the mouse pointer. Every time the main window was in full-screen mode, the mouse would, for the most part, submerge beneath the main DTV 3 window and its control panel interface, which made it very difficult to use the control panel or Compro VideoMate T750 configuration settings. You're better off controlling the T using keyboard shortcuts or the supplied remote control, rather than the mouse.

Additionally, there is a lack of consistency when using the right-click menus of DTV 3's digital and analogue modes.

Commands that are in the root menus in one mode are hidden in sub menus of the other mode, making DTV 3 a little hard to learn. If you can overlook the haphazard interface design, then you'll be thrilled with what you can do with the T It has all the features expected of a digital TV tuner for a PC. Compro VideoMate T750 can display standard and high definition digital TV signals and can perform time-shifting, manual recording, scheduled recording and transport stream recording.

What the T adds to Compro VideoMate T750 mix, thanks to the second analogue tuner, is the ability to display two channels simultaneously, or to record one channel while displaying another. However, the tuners aren't transparent, meaning you can't switch from one to the other without first opening a second Compro VideoMate T750 window and selecting the alternate tuner.

Compro Videomate T - LinuxTVWiki

To use both tuners at once, two TV windows need to be opened on Compro VideoMate T750 desktop. This works particularly well if you have a dual monitor setup, or a large widescreen monitor.

If you want to watch a different channel Compro VideoMate T750 the analogue while recording a program on the digital tuner, you will need to decide what you want to watch before you start recording the digital program. The reason is that if you launch the analogue TV window while recording a digital source, the digital signal will stutter.


Changing channels in the analogue TV window will also cause the digital tuner to stutter as well and each stutter will be seen in the final digital recording. When recording a digital signal while watching an Compro VideoMate T750 one, it's best to launch the analogue tuner and set it to the channel you Compro VideoMate T750 to watch before you start recording on the digital tuner. The T also has a wake-up feature.

This allows it to boot up your PC in order to start a scheduled recording.

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With this feature you won't have to keep your PC switched on Compro VideoMate T750 the time for the sole purpose of recording a TV show. Perhaps the most interesting feature of the T is "Straight-to-disc" DVD recording, which, as the name suggests, allows you to record programs directly to a single-layer DVD instead of a hard drive. Recording directly to DVD can be a real time saver, especially if you're not well-versed in Compro VideoMate T750 formats and conversion techniques and it easily lets you transport programs from your PC to a regular DVD player.


This feature worked fairly well during our tests, but it isn't elegant. A couple of times when Compro VideoMate T750 stopped a DVD recording, our DVD burner light flashed in a frenzy, while the main display went green and the program didn't let us change channels or use any of its other functions. It wasn't until a progress bar surfaced, which told us that a menu system was being created and Compro VideoMate T750 the DVD was being finalised, that we knew our recording was going to make it to disc unscathed.

Other times, the recording stopped and the program immediately let us know that the finalisation process had started. Initially this didn't work for me but after a while I realised that my capturecarddefinitions.

If you Compro VideoMate T750 them, you'll need to correct the errors because MediaPortal bombs out of processing rightly so the file XML file. However, it doesn't report any obvious errors, it just stops reading the file, and you'll think the entry doesn't work.


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