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Sager NP8152 Creative Audio Driver

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Sager NP8152 Creative Audio Driver

Linux 3.16.46

So check the reviews, ask the user base and build your own opinion I myself have had a great experience with my Pro 1TB Sager NP8152 Creative Audio wouldnt wanna go Evo at all, but other people might greatly differ from this stance. Sandisk vs Samsung I hear a lot about the 2.


Based on performance and many tests, both are nearly equal, most recommend the Sandisk for cost effective reasons, however you will be fine with either. Most reviewers use stock thermal paste which is normally applied poorly resulting in higher than normal temps, and also run multiple benchmarks which produce higher than normal real world results exaggerated in this case If pasted Sager NP8152 Creative Audio one would notice a reduction of at least C minimum.

How hot does this unit get under load? Does it throttle at high temps? If so how can I avoid this?

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Every hardware component has a built-in throttle that kicks in once a specific temperature threshold is reached. Tackling high temperatures can involve lots Sager NP8152 Creative Audio things, such as: Can I use this in my lap? Just leave the damn thing on the desk and use a frigging iPad or MBP for your lap! I personally just dont get it But oh well, everyone is entitled to their opinion What Thermal paste is best?

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So in the end, its up to you to decide if youre up to the task or not! Thus far, based on my own experience and other user reports, this machine sports one of the best speaker Sager NP8152 Creative Audio on the laptop market and definitely THE best among Clevo machines But dont take my word for it, ask other users as well! The only "issue" I could find with the speakers is a slight sound tearing when the volume is cranked up and too much bass is used.

Thus, just dial down the volume and bass, and you should be fine Does this unit have a subwoofer? No, only the 17 inch version of Batman Sager NP8152 Creative Audio a sub. Based on reviews, that sub doesnt really make much of a difference though I work in a quiet room, how loud do the fans get under load?

This laptop is DEAD. Even under stressier conditions when the fans finally DO ramp up, the noise they produce is not annoying Sager NP8152 Creative Audio. Again, this is based on my own experience with this, other people more sensible to barely audible noises may differ from this opinion. In the end, both cards have received stellar and abysmal reviews, so results may vary in both cases!

I've read Killer has issues with connectivity is that still an issue? Due to recent driver update the Killer Sager NP8152 Creative Audio appears to be trumping the Intel as the has reported spikes in use. These spikes, however, are not reproducible on all configurations and may only pertain to certain applications. With such a performance punch and lacking Optimus, dont expect too much in terms of battery life!

More realistic would be 2 hours of regular usage. Can I game on battery?


You will not be able Sager NP8152 Creative Audio play games on battery, it's not designed for that. At best you might get 30 minutes, also expect to have some throttling. In general, it is not recommended to game on battery, as it puts unnecessary stress on it and thus speeds up its demise!

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